Why Now is the Time to Record Family Memories


Family Memories and Self Isolation

During these uncertain times as the pandemic continues to change the world, we are granted more time to reflect on what are important in our lives. One of those is family. They are not only our closest loved ones, but also the people who will be there until the very end. Because we live or used to live with them, we become accustomed to their presence in our lives. This, whether we realize it or not, leads to us taking them for granted.

As the pandemic wreaks havoc around the world, we are once again reminded that life is fragile, and that we should foster unity and harmony with those who are closest to us.

The memories we create with loved ones are treasures that can never be replaced or sold. They are our most invaluable possessions, regardless of the material goods you may have. Our memories with family members, especially those who have peacefully departed from this world, should be immortalized so that they may be passed down to the next generation. That is how a family tree grows and blossoms.

Family Memories

Create New Memories

Think about your familly members' unique personalities and passions. Your son might like to play basketball, while your daughter likes art. Your wife might share a hobby with you like gardening or watching old films. This is a time to be selfless and generous with others, so make sure to make family activities inclusive.

Since the epidemic is a serious threat, it is important to practice safety. This includes self-quarantining with your family and regularly washing hands to minimise any risk of infection. In moments of self isolation, this also represents a chance to develop deeper connections with families and create new memories. There are a number of activities that can be enjoyed in the safety of your home during isolation.

For example, you can do an art and crafts project with your loved ones. Not only is it a fun way to bond with each other, the finished pieces can be displayed and cherished for many generations. Later on in the future, your children will look at these artworks with fondness. There are many resources of activities during isolation so that you never run out of things to do.

Record New Memories

While not everything should be recorded or shared online, recording a video or capturing photos of family bonding time is an important part of creating your family's legacy. These pieces of digital media will immortalise your most cherished memories.

Take silly photos and moments of serendipity. Forget the serious traditional family portrait, you know the one with backdrop, and instead capture your family's liveliness, like playing fetch with the dog or laughing together during dinner. The same goes for videos. Record different scenes and put them together in an editing program to create a family movie. Future generations will appreciate these glimpses into a loving and caring family life.

Storing Memories

Store and Share Your Memories

If you want and if your family members give you permission, you can upload photo and video content online. You can use a platform like Memories, which has dedicated Memories Timelines to share your digital media. That way, you have a safe and accessible place to host your family's memories.

Don't forget about the loved ones who have dearly departed. They are still a very much a part of our family even if they have gone to the next life. Collect, organise and upload their old photos so that your other family members can view them.

The goal is to create a vibrant and diverse family tree filled with wonderful memories that can be visited anytime by loved ones around the world.


Now is the time to record family memories because you are closer together now more than ever. Take advantage of this time, not only for collating memories and self reflection, but for much-needed family bonding.