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How to find special verses for your online tributes

Like many celebrity deaths, the recent passing of prolific comic book writer and publisher Stan Lee has seen online memorials and tributes from every corner of the internet.

And as creator of beloved superheroes like Spiderman, The Fantastic 4 and X-Men, it comes as little surprise that many used his creations to tenderly memorialise him.

Some quoted his characters, while others posted poignant strips - some even turned up in costume.

If you ask us, this just illustrates that there’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter formula when it comes to remembering the deceased.

If you’re memorialising a recently-departed relative or friend, you don’t need to follow tradition. Every person is unique, and as a result, so is what goes into your memorial.

What’s a memorial verse?

In short, memorial verses are brief sections of text that memorialise the deceased and celebrate the life they led.

Memorial verses are different things to different people - they can be printed, spoken or even sung.

Depending on the circumstances, you may decide to place these verses:

In truth, there’s no limit to where you can use a memorial verse. While most common in notices and obituaries, they can be included in any part of your memorial.

Finding verses for your loved one

When it comes to finding a suitable memorial verse, the first thing you need to think about is tone.

While most memorials take a sombre tone, not all do - choose a verse that’s appropriate for the tone you’re going for.

For example, some decide to treat it as a celebration of the deceased and their life. They dress in bright colours and maintain an upbeat tone throughout.

This is just one example of how the tone of your memorial can change what you end up choosing for your memorial verse.

It also demonstrates why there’s so much variation in what gets chosen.

Where can I find the perfect verse?

Go online

Just like anything else, the first place you’ll look for memorial verses is online.

If you search “memorial verses”, Google provides plenty of resources such as sites that compile suitable verses.

However, one problem is that many of these databases are created with a general audience in mind.

They tend to be more conservative, taking the traditional tone of mourning and hushed reverence.

There’s nothing wrong with this - however, if your memorial isn’t going for this tone, it can make these resources less useful.

Recite some poetry

While poetry may be slowly leaving our classrooms (and by extension, the public consciousness), that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for a touching memorial verse.

Simply put, it can be impossible to put your feelings into words following the death of someone close to you. Luckily, poetry offers a way around this if you struggle with your words.

Poetry has been with us for as long as the written word. As such, it’s relatively easy to find something that reflects not just your feelings, but the deceased as well.

Use a lyric from their favourite artist

Like the Stan Lee example, if you ask us memorial verses can be sourced from anywhere.

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit the traditional mould of a memorial service, so long as it’s:

  1. Appropriate for the deceased

  2. Suits the tone your memorial is aiming for

Everybody has a favourite singer, band or film - don’t be afraid to use lyrics from the deceased’s favourite artist or a passage from their favourite novel if it’s appropriate.

It doesn’t have to be one of the deceased’s favourites either.

If you find a song with lyrics that speak to you, reflect the deceased or perfectly match the tone you’re going for, use it.

Not sure where to begin? Here are a couple of popular choices from a wide range of genres which you can use to get inspired.

Quote scripture

Another potential source of memorial verses is religious material.

Don’t be afraid of using passages or prayers - especially if you or the deceased is religious.

For memorial services taking place in a church or other place of worship, using verses from your faith is extra relevant.

In these cases, you also have a priest, imam, minister or rabbi if you need help selecting something meaningful and appropriate.

Quote the deceased directly

Did your recently-departed relative or friend have particular saying they were fond of?

Or a motto?

Perhaps they had a catchphrase that used to make you roll your eyes, but now makes you laugh?

If so, there’s nothing stopping you from using that as your memorial verse.

After all, while memorials are for the living, the focus of everybody’s attention is on the deceased.

You’ll want your memorial, obituary or tribute to reflect them - what better way to do that than to quote them directly?

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