Welcome to Your Online Memorial Journey

Online Memorial
Welcome to Your Online Memorial Journey

There are 11 steps to creating an Online Memorial as follows:

1. Prepare all of the memories you want to upload

2. Register for a free account on Memories

3.   Create a Memorial Timeline

4.     Add profile and cover photo

5.     Add photos, videos and life stories

6.     Get assistance from your personal Digital Biographer - Sofia

7.     Add life events

8. Changing privacy settings

9.     Invite others to contribute to the timeline

10.     Add a virtual tribute to the page

11.     Changing user permissions

Online Memorial

An Online Memorial helps keep memories alive. Honour the life of someone special in a way that is authentic and heartfelt. Cherish and reflect on it for years to come. 

Online Memorials help you to honour the life of your loved one in the most authentic way possible. They provide you with a healthy dose of nostalgia that helps you to rediscover wonderful moments from the past and reconnect with those who are no longer with us. 

We have confidence you’ll be amazed at just how special and healing the process of creating an Online Memorial can be. 


The Basics of Online Memorials

Your journey with Online Memorials begins with a deep understanding of what they are and how they can help you through times of grieving and loss. Online Memorials have a lot more to offer than what first meets the eye.

What is an Online Memorial? 

An Online Memorial is a digitized platform that serves as a secure space to safeguard and share the memories of a loved one who has passed. It allows you to collect all of the special moments, places and milestones that were important to their life and lay them out in a Timeline.

 By gathering photos and notating special memories into one central location, you, your family, and friends can properly remember your loved one long after their passing. The memorial is accessible in the online space forever, which means anyone can contribute and update it at any time. You also gain ease of mind in knowing their legacy will never be lost or forgotten.

Online Memorial Content

Online Memorial Content

The content that is usually included in an Online Memorial consists of photos, stories, a biography, key events, favourite videos and even music. It’s up to you, your family, and friends to decide what content you would like to include. Online Memorials are customizable to help match the unique life of the special person you want to remember. 

This digitized process for collection and sharing a loved one’s memories is important for a number of reasons. 

Why Create an Online Memorial for a Loved One? 

The main reason for creating an Online Memorial for a loved one is, of course, to gather their memories in one easily accessible place to keep forever. In addition to this, your Online Memorial is beneficial for a number of reasons.

  • Show their life on a larger scale: Obituaries are limited when it comes to sharing detail on your loved one’s life. Online Memorials allow you to share their life on a larger scale without limitation on what can be included. 

  • Connect with others: Online Memorials make it easy to notify the community around your loved one by simply sharing a link or sending an email. Connecting with others in honouring your loved one’s life is made easy. 

  • Contributing together: Invite others to share and contribute to your Online Memorial. This process helps to remember your loved one’s life in even more beautiful detail. 

  •  Easy to use and share: It can feel overwhelming to try and organize the memories of a loved one. Online Memorials makes this process easy so you can focus on what really matters when it comes to honouring their life. They’re also very user friendly which means anyone can navigate the memorial, regardless of age or technological awareness. 

  • Cost Savings: Creating an obituary can come with a hefty price tag. Online Memorials take the stress around cost out of the equation as they come with great pricing options and can even be free to use.

Share Memories

Your Online Memorial with Memories

Memories has created an experience for making your Online Memorial that is private, safe, and most importantly allows you to focus on the memories that matter most. 

A life story goes beyond the series of events that occurred in someone’s life. Their life story is a narrative that reflects their unique personal identity and the value behind the life they lived. Their memorial deserves descriptions and details around their life events in order to shape who they were and what was most important to them. 

We believe you should be able to grieve your loss and comfort one another by honouring your loved one’s life in the easiest way possible. Memories is here to help you do just that as you can capture the true essence of your lost one and remember them in the most beautiful and authentic way possible. 

Memories Online Memorial Pricing Options

One of the best perks of creating an Online Memorial with Memories is our fantastic pricing options. A Memories account can be created for free so everyone can capture their loved one’s unique story. 

Competitive rates and pricing plans are also offered in our Premium and Lifetime subscription plans. 

Premium: Perfect for families and groups to share memories together. Enjoy unlimited storage and Timelines, future messages, a personal vault and no advertising for $6.99 per month.

Lifetime: To keep your memories alive for future generations. Experience unlimited storage and Timelines, future messages, a personal vault and no advertising for a $199 one-time fee.

Your Journey Awaits

Your Journey Awaits

Each and every step you take towards remembering the life of a loved one is enriching, therapeutic and beautiful. Digitizing the Memories of your loved one helps you to showcase their life and focus on what’s most important. Not the garage full of untouched objects, but the true beauty and meaning behind their life. 

We have a lot more for you to explore the beauty of Online Memorials, starting with how to create an Online Memorial Timeline of your own.

Continue your journey with Memories in Chapter 2: How to Create an Online Memorial with Memories.