20 Best retirement gifts

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Your loved one, friend or colleague has worked hard almost all of their adult life to build a career they can be proud of, and now it's time to retire. They might be feeling a bit down during this major life transition. Maybe they're unsure of what lies ahead in their post-retirement years. This sudden shift in lifestyle, routine, and programmed behavior is going to feel strange at first, but eventually your friend will see the positive elements of retiring. It is the beginning of a new chapter, and not the ending of a book.

Help your friend or loved one during that awkward transition. As their friend, you can let them know there's a long road ahead, filled with new adventures, and that's what's important to focus on, not what's in the rear-view mirror.

You might want to give your friend or loved one a gift that will help them kickstart this next phase of life, but if you can't think of what to give them, try these retirement gift ideas.

1. A Memories Living Timeline

A Memories Living Timeline is the perfect retirement gift and it's a practical one, especially if your recipient enjoys scrapbooking.

Think of a Memories Timeline as a digital scrapbook that can be instantly shared with family and friends across the globe. It's the perfect place to host digitized photos and videos, so your retired friend can look back on the amazing life they've lived. It will remind them the importance of creating memories with family, friends, and colleagues, and that the celebration of life is worth sharing with others.

2. Inspirational quote plaque

Sometimes, all it takes is a memorable quote or a poem to inspire someone. That's why quotes are so popular: they're naturally evocative. Why not immortalize those inspiring quotes on a plaque? That way, your friend, family member or colleague will always have a reminder to motivate them to celebrate life in the coming years of freedom.

3. Personalized pen

A good quality, personalized pen can last a lifetime and is something that is actually useful. It's great for everyday use, but also a thoughtful gift for someone who plans to start a post-retirement journal, or venture into poetry writing in their spare time.

4. A timepiece

A good-quality watch will always be a good investment. It also makes the perfect gift to give others, since both men and women wear timepieces, and they can even be personalized with the recipient's name, or a special message from you.

5. Funny coffee mug

Lighten up your retiree's mood with this humorous coffee mug — the perfect gift if your friend or loved one is a coffee or tea lover. They can sit back and sip their hot beverage in the morning, savoring their time, all the while chuckling at the humorous quote on the side of the mug.

6. Fruit infuser water bottle

This gift says, "I care about your health." Make sure your friend or family member will be strong and healthy to tackle the next phase of their life with this fruit infuser water bottle. As someone who owns this product, I can tell you that they will use it a lot, especially if they like to exercise or spend time in the outdoors.

7. Running shoes

One of the most important aspects of retirement is to stay healthy and fit. Motivate your friend or family member to lace 'em up and hit the pavement — or trail! Choose from a variety of running shoe designs, but be sure to get their correct shoe size first. A good pair of running shoes is a great investment because it's something that can be put to use and will motivate them to stay fit and healthy in the years ahead.

8. Tea sampler box

Tea is associated with relaxation. So, help your loved one de-stress with this tea sampler box. Share a cup or two with them while watching the sunset, or having a meaningful conversation. They'll love both the tea and your time.

9. Subscription to a magazine or newspaper

If your retiree loves to read magazines and newspapers, the only obvious choice for a gift idea is to give them a year's subscription to their favorite publication. They'll surely love your thoughtful present and it's something you know they'll make use of regularly.

10. Gift cards

If your friend, colleague or family member enjoys going to certain restaurants or coffee shops, they'll thank you for giving them gift cards. A gift card related to their favorite pastime or hobby is also a great idea, and you can fit it to your budget.

11. Bucket list travel journal

Now that your friend, colleague, or family member has retired, they have more time to do the things they always wanted to do. One of the best retirement gifts is a bucket list journal where they can write down all of their dreams. The journal will not only help your retiree list their plans, but also to make notes on how to make them come true. It's also a travel journal, so if the bucket list consists mostly of sojourns abroad or road trips across the country, they can use the journal to document their awesome experiences.

12. Binoculars

If your friend or family member loves the outdoors, binoculars are a fantastic gift. Whether they're avid bird watchers or are into outdoor sports, they'll surely put these to good use.

13. Home tool kit

With more time on their hands, the retired handy-person will find something to fix around the house (even if it doesn't need fixing). This home tool set has all the essential items they need to start on a new project, from building a back patio to repairing old furniture.

14. Hiking boots

A good pair of hiking boots will last a lifetime. Giving a pair of hiking boots to a retiree is akin to telling them, "Get some fresh air and put those legs to good use." They're the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys being outdoors and walking or hiking.

15. Gardening tool set

If your gift recipient has a green thumb, or is curious about taking up gardening, then this gardening tool set is the perfect gift for them. By next Spring, the flowers in their yard will be blooming!

16. Monogrammed bathrobe

Nothing says retired like lounging in a comfortable bathrobe. Don't just give them any bathrobe, give them the option of embroidering their initials on it, too. Your friend or colleague is going to feel like they're staying at a five-star luxury hotel even if they're just kicking back at own home.

17. BBQ tool set

Everyone loves to barbecue! If your colleague, friend or loved one is a flame master, this BBQ tool set will be a much-appreciated addition to their barbecue pit arsenal.

18. Wine club gift membership

Retirement is all about savoring life! Make it literal by gifting a wine club membership, which sees them receive a selection of California reds and whites across the year. They'll probably invite you over to share a glass or two, as well!

19. Leather passport cover

If your retiree is a jetsetter, this leather passport cover will be an outstanding gift. It will not only protect their data from identity thieves, it will keep their passport from getting torn up and dirty during his travels.

20. Passport holder

Your friend or family member can't travel overseas without their passport, so why don't you make sure it travels in style? This passport holder has many unique designs to choose from. Get them something that you think they'll love, using a favorite color, or patterns and designs that fit their personality.