20 popular funeral songs in 2021

Funeral Planning
Four women dressed in white stand before a white casket at a funeral

When it comes to funerals, picking the right music is vital. Whether you’re after something upbeat to distract people's thoughts from their pain, or a favorite song of the one you’ve lost, there are many songs to choose from to create a suitable tone for a funeral service.

Funerals can be stressful to plan, and it can be difficult to choose the right songs to represent the messages you want to convey. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of popular funeral songs: to help you find the perfect music.

Here are our top 20 of the most popular funeral songs in 2021 that you can use for a memorial service or a funeral for your loved one.

1. You Raise Me Up — Josh Groban

A song about being raised up even when things aren’t going right, this is a touching tune that highlights how people make you feel stronger when they’re with you. This song is great for the end of the funeral as a way to celebrate your loved one’s life and contribution.

2. Bye Bye — Mariah Carey

“This is for my people who just lost somebody, Your best friend, your baby, your man or your lady. Put your hand way up high.”

This beautiful song is easily relatable for those who have lost someone close to them. Bye Bye conveys feelings of longing, and a sense of peace, making it an ideal funeral song.

3. Butterfly Kisses — Bob Carlisle

A tune that has become very popular at funerals — especially after the loss of a child — this beautiful song is sung from the perspective of a father watching his daughter grow up. Although it's not traditionally a funeral song, it has grown in popularity over the years as the meaning behind it is sentimental to many.

4. Nightingale — Demi Lovato

This tune has a deep message behind it. Written after the singer lost a friend to suicide as a teenager, this song has a personal yet beautiful feel to it, making it a popular funeral song in 2021.

5. Like You’ll Never See Me Again — Alicia Keys

Although it’s more of a love song, this tune revolves around appreciating each and every moment you have with someone, as you never know which could be the last. This message makes this song ideal for funerals as it reminds you that life is short, and we must appreciate the time we have.

6. Sad Song — We The Kings featuring Elena Coats

This classic hit explores the emotions and feelings of losing a loved one. It’s not only relatable, but an emotional song. The song is quite simple but it really makes you reflect on your special someone’s journey through life and how brilliant their life was.

7. One Call Away — Charlie Puth

One of Charlie Puth’s award-winning tunes, this deep and meaningful song conveys the message of being only “One Call Away”, which is interpreted as being able to reach your loved ones through prayer. The lyrics, the tone of voice, and the tune all work well together, making this song a top pick for funerals.

8. Lay Me Down — Sam Smith

Sam Smith is known for his heartwarming music and this song is no exception. A heartfelt song about someone the singer is desperately missing, it explores the feelings and thoughts we go through when we’re missing someone we love. It’s a memorable song that is popular at funerals because it suits the occasion so well.

9. Hello — Adele

A top hit from Adele, this has slowly become a top funeral song. It’s an emotional funeral or memorial song which incorporates a lot of deep, personal emotion. This memorable music video and well-known piano melody make this tune a perfect pick for a funeral.

10. Supermarket Flowers — Ed Sheeran

This is a lovely tune that’s powerful when it comes to funerals and remembering your loved ones. Ed’s calming voice and the song's beautiful lyrics compliment each other very well, making it a tune that will surely succeed in honoring your loved one.

11. There You’ll Be — Faith Hill

A popular choice for funeral songs worldwide, this beautiful country song conveys the message of loved ones still being present even after they leave us.This song is perfect for a funeral and really tugs at the heartstrings.

12. Fix You — Coldplay

This track expressing the pain and sadness of losing a family member shows deep emotion. As much as it’s a sad song, it’s gained popularity at funerals this year.

13. When September Ends — Green Day

This song is about the lead singer’s late father, and sums up how loss makes us want to hide until the pain is more bearable.

14. My Heart Will Go On — Celine Dion

A classic song that is relatable for those who have loved and lost someone in their lives. This song is popular at funerals due to its strong messages and the way it makes us feel.

15. I Will Follow You Into the Dark — Death Cab for Cutie

A dark yet simple song, this tune conveys the message of not being afraid to go into the unknown when it comes to the afterlife.

16. The Best I Ever Had — Gary Allan

This song was recorded to honour Allan’s late wife, and allows us to grieve while celebrating the life of a loved one. The lyrics of this song are so beautiful, and Allan’s voice compliments this song very well.

17. Hold Back The River — James Bay

This is a relatable yet powerful tune that is about the feelings you have when missing someone. The words say it all, and help express feelings you had towards your loved one.

18. See You Again — Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth

A song about suddenly losing a friend and the fact that you will see them again, this is a sad yet uplifting funeral song that has become popular over the years. This well-known song by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth perfectly captures the feelings of loss surrounding a loved one’s passing.

19. Stars — Grace Potter and The Nocturnals

Another great song about losing someone you love, this song conveys the message that when you lose someone, everything reminds you of them. The lyrics in this tune portray that feeling perfectly.

20. Waves — Dean Lewis

Dean Lewis has a talent for creating heartfelt songs, and this is one of them. The song “Waves” uses the image of being swept in and out by the tide as a metaphor for grief. It’s a sentimental song that will lead you to shed a tear or two.

When choosing funeral songs, you can pick from a variety of genres. Whatever you’re after, the options are countless. If you focus on your loved one’s tastes and life, you will choose the right song to help commemorate your loved one.