Future Messages for celebration and holiday greetings

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Future Messages For Celebration and Holiday Greetings

Memories offers a way to record celebration and holiday greetings today to pass onto loved ones at a time you choose. Through Future Messages, you can record and schedule messages to send to loved ones or yourself weeks, months and even years into the future. That way, you can be there for special occasions, celebrations, holidays, and milestones in your loved one's life, even if you're not physically present.

No one wants to miss out on life’s most important moments. From birthdays to weddings or anniversaries, record a personalised message to those you love that will be sent at just the right time.

Why send Future Messages?

Future Messages may not allow you to predict the future, but the will allow you to send messages to loved ones later on in the future. Future Messages will allow you to be there for your loved ones and close friends during an upcoming holiday or celebration, such as a graduation or wedding, even if you can't be there in person. You won't just be there in spirit, but will be there digitally through a video message.

You can also integrate Future Messages with a Memories Living Timeline to create a multimedia life timeline that shows all of your celebrations and holidays throughout the years in chronological order.

The benefits of Future Messages

A great way to use Future Messages is to record celebration messages for future holidays, milestones, and occasions. For example, if it's August now and you know you'll be moving to Tokyo by the start of December, you know that means you'll most likely miss out on celebrating Christmas with family and close friends back home. You can record a holiday greeting to your loved ones and set it to be sent during the Christmas period. That way, your presence will be felt even if you're on the opposite hemisphere.

Likewise, you can record a message for a loved one's wedding if you feel you won't be able to attend. You might be asking yourself, Why not just record one on the day of the wedding or close to the date? Well, how often do we end up forgetting about events because of our busy lives, or due to unforeseen circumstances? By recording now, when the wedding excitement is still fresh in your mind, you decrease the chance of missing the date altogether.

You can also record a greeting with your child in the video and then send it to them when you think they'll be graduating high school or college. Imagine the emotions they'll feel seeing themselves as a toddler sitting on your lap, while you congratulate them on their major milestone that finally arises more than a decade later. That would be a mind-blowing moment.

There are numerous benefits to sending future messages for celebrations and holidays.

  • Recording and setting up Future Messages now will eliminate the likelihood that you miss the celebration on the day.

  • Future Messages is better than sending a holiday or celebration greeting through text, email or chat. It feels more personal and meaningful when the recipients see your face and hear your voice.

  • If you expect to be busy on the day of the celebration or holiday, recording and setting up Future Messages now will save you time in the future.

  • You can integrate Future Messages as part of your Memories Timeline, which may already have a wonderful archive of past celebrations and holidays.

Get creative with Future Messages

Future Messages are not only user-friendly, they are fun to use. You can try all sorts of creative experiments with Future Messages. For example, you can create a video series of recordings that lead up to the big day or holiday (e.g. "A Story a Day Until Christmas"). You could even create a slideshow of memories with your loved one who is about to get married or graduate college. The options are endless!