Best Last-Minute Gifts This Christmas

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Best Last-Minute Gifts This Christmas

Best Last-Minute Gifts This Christmas

We’ve all been there – rushing around last-minute, trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for that special person in your life.

While you might be quick to throw your hands up and feel defeated, there are actually quite a few last-minute gift ideas that you can easily get your hands on before Christmas Day. You won’t need to break the budget, or skimp on the thoughtfulness that goes into them.

Last-Minute Gifts This Christmas

Forget running to your nearest store and picking up any old thing you can find. Use this list of our BEST last-minute gifts for all of your Christmas gifting needs. You’re sure to bring a smile to that special someone’s face, without them ever knowing it was last-minute!

Last-Minute Gifts

Plan a Road Trip with Them

Planning a road trip is a great way to get a gift together without having to collect any physical items. Hop online and plan your trip. Whether it’s a simple day trip, or a two week long adventure, your gift receiver will be thrilled to know you have put thought into planning something with them.

If you recently went on a trip together, you might also take something from the trip and frame it. This is a great way to create something meaningful while also keeping your gift on the less expensive side.

Find the Way to Their Heart with Food

One of the easiest gifts to put together in a time crunch is food! You might collect all of their favorite snacks into a gift basket, or even bake their favorite Christmas treat. Wrap up your food gift into a beautiful package and you will be good to go!

Christmas Memories

You might also get them a gift card to their favorite food spot, or provide them with a voucher for dinner on you. This is a great way to give the gift of quality time.

Use a Deck of Cards to Get Sentimental

A creative way to put together a last-minute gift is with a deck of cards. Take each card and write a thankful thought or certain memory that you shared on each one. This is a fun, and inexpensive way to show just how grateful you are for someone.

You could also get creative with the game of Scrabble and stack the tiles side by side to create coasters. You can create messages out of the letters in order to make something that pulls at their heart strings, or hits their funny bone.

Memories Online

Get Sentimental with a Memories Timeline

A Memories Timeline is the perfect gift that is not only sentimental, but easy to purchase last-minute! You can easily sign-up for an account online and create a timeline that is just for your loved one.

Include all of the photos and videos that match the memories you choose to include, and even add music, or a ‘future message’. Say something funny or heart felt and get the reaction you always hoped for with a sentimental gift. Your scheduled message will reach them in the future and take your gift that much further.

You might also sign them up for an account of their own which they can use to create their own timeline. There are many possibilities for using a Memories Timeline as a gift that they are sure to remember.

A Gift for Pampering

If you’re limited on the number of stops you can make before time runs out, collecting some gifts for a pamper day is both convenient and useful. You might gather some face masks, moisturizers, nail polish and hair products to group together in a gift basket.

Take their pamper day to the next level by creating a playlist they can zen out to, or offer a ‘gift certificate’ for a free massage by you!

A Gift for Pampering

Sign Them up for MasterClass

Does the special person in your life have a dream to develop a certain skill? Or something that they’ve always wanted to try? MasterClass has a lot of great options for online classes that can help them to grow and learn from some of the best experts in the world.

With everything from singing lessons and writing, to business and science, you’re bound to find something that your loved one will enjoy.

Christmas Memories

Major bonus: They will feel even more touched by the fact that you paid attention to their desires, and helped them to fulfill them. A Monthly Subscription Delivery

A month subscription is a great last-minute gift! You can sign up online and not have to worry about your gift making it to Christmas Day on time.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to options for monthly subscriptions. Choose between monthly wine clubs, makeup subscription boxes, sock delivery, food and cooking deliveries, sausage of the month club and many more!

Choosing the perfect subscription for your loved one will not only make them feel special, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

A Digital Gift Card

With last-minute gift shopping it can be hard to find open stores. A digital gift card is the perfect solution to your needs!

Think about what will be useful to your gift recipient, or if there is something they have expressed a specific desire for. A little bit of digital cash could be exactly what they’re looking for to get the things they want and need.

Write a Heartfelt Letter

If all else fails (or your budget is tight), a heartfelt letter is a great way to make an impact on your loved ones. Just about anyone and everyone can appreciate the power of words and the sentiment that goes along with them.

You can talk about all of the things you love about them, or all of the memories that you’ve shared together. An expression of your thoughts and feelings can go a long way.

If you’re looking to try out a Memories Timeline for your gifting needs this year, be sure to check out our app and get your memories right at your fingertips. Free to download and easy to use wherever you are.