38 Beautiful Christian funeral songs

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beautiful Christian funeral songs

A funeral is all about celebrating the life of a loved one. Choosing a song for a funeral isn’t always easy, however, it’s an opportunity to pay tribute to the deceased as well as what they believed in and lived for.

Funeral hymns and traditional music are commonly used in funerals, but some people prefer songs that are uplifting alternatives to classic hymns. You may opt to play other genres that are more meaningful to your loved one’s memory.

If faith was important to your loved one, you’ll find the perfect song in our list of the most beautiful Christian funeral songs. Don't forget to add it to their online memorial, so you can listen to it every time you visit to remember them.

1. If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away — Justin Moore

This song reflects the singer’s thoughts on what he would do with his loved ones if he had the chance to visit them in Heaven. If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away was recorded as one of those songs you hear one time, and know immediately that it’s special. The central theme of this song is the ability to cross the mortal divide and reconnect with loved ones lost long ago.

2. I Will Rise — Chris Tomlin

A beautiful song for a Christian funeral, the song "I Will Rise" encourages Christian singers to look inside their lives and deaths, and remember that they will return to God's home. The lyrics portray the message that God calls our name when we rise, with no more pain. The chorus states "Before my God fall on my knees / And rise / I will rise", which is a powerful message.

3. Amazing Grace — Alan Jackson

One of the more common and well-known songs, "Amazing Grace" is a great pick for a Christian funeral song. It’s an easily recognizable song, so funeral attendees can sing along to it to celebrate the life of the deceased.

4. Messiah/You’re Beautiful — Phil Wickham

Messiah/You’re Beautiful is a Christian funeral song that conveys the message of the beauty of creation and the anticipation of eternal life in Heaven. It reflects on the singer’s faith and how he believes we will reunite with God once we leave Earth. A great song for the end of a religious funeral.

5. I Can Only Imagine — Mercy Me

“I Can Only Imagine” is a song that was written and inspired by the death of the singer's father. A beautiful Christian song that is commonly played at funerals worldwide, this tune considers what it’ll be like standing before God when going to Heaven. It’s a beautiful song about worship that won’t leave a dry eye in the church.

6. Three Wooden Crosses — Randy Travis

A country song that tells the story of a bus accident. When all three died in the accident, Randy Travis sang about his impact on the world. "Three Wooden Crosses" is a song that reminds us to reflect on the world and all the good it provides us in our everyday life.

7. Angels Among Us — Alabama

A beautiful Christian song that describes how angels continue to help guide us through the tough times, especially when we lose someone. This song allows Christians to feel more comfortable in the idea that their deceased loved ones are still with them and that they will be there to continue guiding them through life.

8. Purpose — Justin Bieber

A more modern Christian funeral song, this piano ballad is about the singer's relationship with God. The message conveyed through the heartfelt lyrics helps listeners to feel a stronger bond with God and feel encouraged after losing a loved one. This song is a powerful choice for those wanting to make meaning from the loss of their loved one.

9. Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven

Praise My Soul The King of Heaven is a popular funeral hymn that is based on the reading from Psalm 103. It’s an uplifting hymn about trusting God and combining emotions, feelings and beliefs in a special way to assist those who are grieving after the death of a loved one.

10. Broken Halos — Chris Stapleton

"Broken Halos" is a beautiful Christian funeral song that is popular at religious funerals. It’s a tune that reminds the listener that angels cannot stay with us forever but they still surround us. This Christian funeral song is perfect for friends and family of the bereaved and can be a beautiful way to honor a loved one while bringing people together at a difficult time.

11. My Sweet Lord — George Harrison

A great Christian funeral song that expresses a desire to have a relationship with God. ​​This traditional funeral song calls for God's protection and guidance in times of suffering and despair, which makes it a commonly used Christian funeral song.

12. Dancing in the Sky — Dani and Lizzy

Celebrate the beautiful lives of loved ones and their dedication to God with “Dancing in the Sky”. This popular song played at religious funerals expresses sorrow at the loss of a loved one and seeks guidance on whether their fears and pain have faded away once they’ve left the earth.

13. Soon and Very Soon — Andrae Crouch

If you’re looking for a song about believing in God, Soon and Very Soon is a perfect choice. This song reflects on how our faith in God will give us the strength to make it through the difficult times when we lose a loved one.

14. Jesus Promised Me a Home Over There — Jennifer Hudson

This is another beautiful Christian song for a funeral. The lyrics are about Christians returning home to Jesus when they die. The tone of this song as well as the beautiful lyrics makes it one of our top picks when it comes to a Christian funeral song choice.

15. Rock of Ages — Aretha Franklin

This is a traditional hymn that is played at Christian funerals worldwide, and a common tune that everyone can relate to. The lyrics and the tone of this popular song allow funeral guests to celebrate the life of the person who's died in a conservative yet joyous way.

16. Angels Among Us — Alabama

“Angels Among Us” is a beautiful song about the feelings you get when your loved one has departed. It explores the emotions we experience when someone dies on a deeper level and reflects on how the one we've lost is in Heaven, guiding us through the tough times.

17. Hallelujah — Leonard Cohen

A classical and well-known tune for funerals, “Hallelujah” has gained popularity worldwide. Being a popular hymn makes it a great choice when it comes to celebrating and commemorating the life of the recently deceased.

18. Stand — Pastor Donnie McClurkin

A song that speaks about allowing the Lord to assist us through the tough times is significant after losing a loved one. Not specifically focused on death or heaven, this is a song that has a meaningful message.

19. On Eagle’s Wings — Michael Joncas

A contemporary Christian song that was played for the funerals of many of the people who died in the September 11 attacks, “On Eagle’s Wings” is a beautiful song to play at the start of a funeral. It’s a meaningful and very relatable Christian funeral song.

20. Blessed Be Your Name — Matt Redman and Beth Redman

During a time of sadness and grief, “Blessed Be Your Name” is a song that reminds everyone that they still have a strong belief in God and He will guide them through this tough time. The message is that even when losing someone, you’ll always have God’s leadership.

21. Save a Place for Me — Matthew West

Matthew West laments the death of a loved one and articulates the pain one feels when going through such a tragedy. However, the talented singer-songwriter expresses hope and optimism. He hints that he has made peace with the reality of things, with the loved one’s death, and that he simply asks that his loved one save a place for him. It’s a great sentiment that many people can relate to.

22. He's Walking — Mark Schultz

This would make a lovely, and heartfelt dedication to a spouse or romantic partner who has passed away. Losing a romantic love is one of the most painful things one can experience and this song, which is told like a story, perfectly encapsulates what we cannot express during times of grief.

23. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) — Chris Tomlin

This is another Chris Tomlin song, but in this one, Chris takes an all-time classic song and makes it his own with a unique rendition. This is a perfect song for a loved one’s funeral, memorial service or even a tribute video.

24. Footprints in the Sand — Leona Lewis

The talented songstress and former Simon Cowell protégé provides us a brilliant take on the psalm Deuteronomy 1:31 in which Moses encouraged his followers to continue their journey through the wilderness, stating that “the Lord your God carried you.”

25. Dancing with the Angels — Monk & Neagle

The lyrics and title perfectly capture what your loved one is doing as they listen to the lovely songs you’re playing at their funeral, such as this one by Monk & Neagle.

26. Hosanna — Hillsong United

Hillsong United provides their own rendition of this well-known hymn. It is a classy and suitable song to play during the start or end of a funeral mass. Priest-approved.

27. Welcome Home — Michael W. Smith

From the title, it might seem like the song is talking about a physical house, but it is actually about the kingdom of God, or Heaven. Home can also be a substitute term for “rest” and “peace”. Michael W. Smith sings:

“I can't believe that I'm here having to say goodbye

And I can barely see you through these tears I cry

I close my eyes

I can hear the sound

As angels gather 'round

Saying this is where you belong

Welcome home”

28. When Silence Falls/When the Tears Fall — Tim Hughes

This song perfectly expresses the pain and anguish we feel when a loved one dies, but the song is hopeful and optimistic. In the end, there is a sense of acceptance of how fate plays out. The silence of your loved one’s absence might be deafening at first, but soon the tears will dry and only happy memories will remain.

29. Somewhere, Somehow — Michael Smith and Amy Grant

This is another fitting tribute for your loved one featuring the legendary songwriter Amy Grant.

30. Healing is in Your Hand — Christy Nockels

Just as the hands of your loved one used to heal you when you were in physical or emotional pain, physically or emotionally, this song tells us that time, too, will heal your grief.

31. As It Is in Heaven — Matt Maher

The title is a reference to a line from The Lord’s prayer. This song is perfect for those who are in tune with their Christian or Catholic faith. However, this song is universal and can be dedicated to anyone.

32. It is Not Death to Die — Sovereign Grace

There’s not much else to say about this song except that it’s deep and worth reflecting on.

“It is not death to die

To leave this weary road

And join the saints who dwell on high

Who've found their home…”

33. Heaven Song — Phil Wickham

The only place your loved one is going to is God’s paradise. Usher them into the heavens by playing this at their funeral.

34. All That You Have is Your Soul — Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman was one of the most brilliant singer-songwriters of her generation. She was a beloved figure in the alternative rock and folk scenes of the 90s. This song is a reminder that your loved one’s soul will live on for eternity.

35. Find the Light — David Ramirez

This is a lovely and poetic song. It is a selfless song that focuses on the good of the other rather than the self.

“I wish upon you peace

I wish upon you grace

I wish for less of what you want

And more of what you need

I wish upon you an old light

With a heart that stays young

But most of all I wish upon you love.”

36. When I Get Where I Am Going — Brad Paisley

This great tune by country music superstar Brad Paisley is vivid in its depiction of life’s spaces, whether geographical or metaphysical. It’s also a reflection on the journeys we embark upon, such as the last great frontier your loved one is sailing towards.

37. Ten Thousand Angels Cried — LeAnn Rimes

The title of the song alone describes the lamentation that happens in both heaven and on Earth when a loved one dies. Those angelic tears will become trumpets of triumph as your loved one enters the golden gates of God’s kingdom.

38. Angel — Sarah McLachlan

This classic song by Sarach McLachlan is one of the most emotional and yet spiritually cleansing songs ever recorded. This is quite possibly the best song, for lack of a better term, to play in honor of a loved one.

“In the arms of the angel

Fly away from here

From this dark cold hotel room

And the endlessness that you fear

You are pulled from the wreckage

Of your silent reverie

You're in the arms of the angel.”

Christian funeral songs are a great way to express your feelings about death when words can’t. Picking the right songs will make the celebration of your loved ones’ life a more positive experience.