20 Best Graduation Gifts

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Best Graduation Gifts

20 Best Graduation Gifts

It's graduation season. University graduates are getting ready to walk across the stage and get their much-deserved diplomas. Soon, they will venture off into the world filled with a mix of uncertainty and excitement. They are the future leaders of industries, and will become important contributors to the economy and society.

Help them start off on the right foot as they make their first steps toward their journey. Give them gifts that will motivate, inspire, embolden, and support them. Graduation is a celebration of life; the wonderful life that is before them waiting to be filled with their unique contributions and stories.

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1. Memories Page

Graduation is more than just an academic achievement, it’s the final step before an exciting new chapter of someone’s life. Celebrate hard work and inspire for the future with a Memories Page. Easily add personal photos and videos or get friends and family to contribute messages of congratulations to your graduate. Include memories from primary school to college, with an easy-to-use website guiding them through the process. It's free to create a page, upload memories and invite others to share their messages of congratulations

2. Graduation Gift Plaque

This elegant and beautiful glass plaque can be personalized with the graduate's name, class year, and personal messages. Why settle for a simple greeting card when you can engrave it on glass? It's thoughtful and can be displayed on a shelf along with the graduate's diploma and graduation portrait.

Graduation Gift Plaque

3. Insulated Tumbler with Inspirational Quote

This insulated tumbler has a quote on the front that says "And so the adventure begins". It comes with a lid and straw so that your graduate can take it on the go as they venture out into the wide world. Not only is it a practical gift, it will remind them that the path ahead is waiting to be explored.

4. "Achieve Your Dreams" Engraved Ballpoint Gift Pen

This pen is classy and professional-looking. The quote on the side will remind your dear graduate that they can do anything they set their mind to. Now that they've graduated, they are ready to use their knowledge and experience to strive towards their ambitions.

5. Graduation Gift Basket

This graduation gift basket includes a cute Teddy Bear wearing full graduation attire, and is packed with various sweets and savories. Your giftee will appreciate the thought. After all, everyone loves a gift basket.

6. Starbucks eGift Cards

If there's one thing we know about college students, it's this: they love Starbucks. It's a popular place to study and that sweet caffeine fuels the brain. Just because they've graduated it doesn't mean they stopped loving a cup of caramel frap. You can easily load any amount into these gift cards. The great thing about these gift cards are that they're e-cards, meaning they will be sent immediately via email to your recipient. They can then use their smartphone to redeem it when they go to Starbucks.

7. Amazon eGift Card

Speaking of e-gift cards, if your recipient is not much of a fan of coffee or tea, but love to shop, you can send them an Amazon eGift card instead. If your graduate is planning to move out to a new city for work, or simply need new items, this will help them save costs on purchases tremendously.

8. Personalized Business Portfolio with Notepad

Applying for jobs and going to interviews is part of post-graduation life One of the handiest things you can take with you in a job interview is a professional-looking business portfolio with a notepad. This will help you organize your resume, business cards, and will allow you to take notes during a meeting. This portfolio can be customized with the graduate's name.

9. Slim Leather Briefcase

This slim leather attache is perfect for the law school grad. It's stylish, sleek and classy. The briefcase, which is appropriate for both men and women, has multiple pockets and slots. This give the recent graduate a confident and smart appearance, and will let future employers know that he/she is serious about their profession.

10. Photo and Diploma Graduation Frame

Graduation is a major milestone in life. Although the diploma one receives is the most important thing about graduating from the university, the ceremony itself should be commemorated and displayed proudly in your home or office. This photo and diploma graduation frame is sleek and classy, but it also holds one's graduation cap tassel. Additionally, you can customize it with laser engraving.

11. Full-Body Personal Gym Set

It is common for students to either gain a lot of weight, or lose it, during their university years. The term "Freshman 15" (when first-year students gain an average of 15 pounds) is a common thing. Help your graduate shed those pounds accumulated from years of eating fast food with this full-body personal gym system. It's portable so they can take it on the go.

12. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

The post-graduate life involves a lot of job applications and interviews. For those lucky enough to get a job after graduating, working full-time in the corporate world can be quite intimidating. Start the day right with fuel (a.k.a. coffee) to help accomplish the tasks ahead. This Keurig is a mini-version of the popular coffee maker. It'll fit perfectly in your grad's new apartment and will definitely be put to use daily.

13. "What Next?: Your Five-Year Plan for Life after College" by Elana Lyn Gross

This book is super-helpful for the graduate who is unsure of what to do next after the big graduation ceremony. After the balloons have deflated and the joyful feeling of accomplishment have subsided, the reality of one's situation in a fragile global economy quickly sets in. Relieve their stress and anxiety by gifting them this helpful book.

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14. Kindle Oasis

If your gift recipient is an avid reader, a Kindle Oasis is something they'll truly love. They can pack an entire library in the palm of their hands. It'll also help them save money on buying books because ebooks tend to be cheaper than the print versions. In fact, there are lot of titles on Amazon that are actually free or cost less than a dollar.

15. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

After graduating from the university, it's easy to gain weight because it is a period when graduates are still transitioning from an academic routine to starting their new careers. They have a lot of free time to eat out with friends and family. This fruit infuser water bottle not only makes sure they get the essential vitamins they need, but will also motivate them to work out more, and have a healthy lifestyle in general.

16. Travel Backpack

Many college grads take a few months off and, sometimes, even a year, to travel. It's only natural to want to explore the world and stretch one's legs after being confined in an academic routine. They take this opportunity to enjoy life and gain life experiences before ending up in another routine once they kick off their careers or post-graduate studies. This sylish backpack is in a rucksack style. It includes a laptop compartment and multiple pockets, making this backpack ideal for both outdoor adventures and daily urban commutes.

17. Air Fryer

If your graduate is planning to move into a new apartment to start their new life post-graduation, this air fryer is a great gift idea. An air fryer is healthier than using old-fashioned oil and pan. It will not only help your gift recipient save money on household items, it will motivate them to follow a healthy lifestyle.

18. Cable Holder Clips

In this day and age, our work desks and even our bedside tables are littered with charging and USB cables like seaweed on the shore. Keep your desk organized and neat by using these cable holder clips. They not only keep cables in the same area, but they also keep them from falling over the edge. Your gift recipient will appreciate this simple yet helpful product, especially if they work in a cubicle.

19. "The Bucket List Book: 500 Things You Really Could Do" by Elise De Rijck

The post-graduation time allows one to spearhead towards the brave new world without worry about academic obligations. This insightful book will give your recipient bucket list ideas if they are not sure where to start. You can even buy them the ebook version so that they read it on their Kindle while globetrotting.

20. Netflix eGift Card

It was this generation of college graduates who invented "Netflix and chill" so why not give your family or loved one this Netflix eGift card. This will allow them to use the service without having to commit to a monthly plan. They can relax and binge-watch those series they've missed out on.