The benefits of online memorials

Online Memorials
The Benefits of Online Memorials

We all have loved ones, families, friends, partners or children who are our entire world. We love them infinitely. We have a lifetime of memories with them. Some are joyful and bring smiles to our faces, and some bring tears. But these are memories that should be saved forever, even after our loved ones are no longer with us. These are the memories to treasure and enjoy in quiet moments, or to share with those we care about and even to pass down to the next generation.

There are a number of ways to do that, but none are as safe and lasting as an online memorial. As well as helping you grieve the loss of a loved one, online memorials help you celebrate the person you love so much. Let's see how that works.

1. Online memorials let us tell stories about our loved ones

A good online memorial will let people tell stories of their experiences with the person who's died. Memories memorials let you comment on others' stories, which brings an amazing depth to those tales.

Maybe you've only ever heard your dad talk about his childhood. With an online memorial, you'll hear stories from family near and far — including new reflections that you've never heard before. Hearing how others saw your father's youth might just surprise you! It may also bring a smile to your face, and give you a new appreciation for the man you thought you knew back-to-front.

2. They help us keep memories alive

Without a lasting record, each of our memories dies with us. An online memorial is the ideal way to make sure that cannot, and does not happen, since everyone who knew the person you loved can share their memories there.

A good memorial company will keep your online memorial available in perpetuity, so that in the years to come, it can be passed on to your kids, and their kids. This way, the stories of those who knew your loved one are kept alive for generations to come.

3. They connect us with others and encourage sharing

In a world where families are increasingly dispersed around the country and the world, an online memorial is an easy, practical way to bring everyone together to celebrate your loved one who's died.

They're available 24/7, day and night, no matter what timezone you're in. That means that anyone can stop by whenever they miss the person who's died, or need a pick-up from reconnecting with that person's life and memory.

4. They make safe and secure your memories, announcements and more

Online memorial providers generally apply a solid level of security to memorials, and the personal information they store. Here at Memories we use industry-standard encryption technology and data safety practices, so that only those you intend to see your memories of your loved one can actually do that.We also offer different access levels, so you can invite some people to see the memorial only, while others can be given access to add memories and comments, for example. That means everything stays safe and secure for the years ahead.

5. They help us preserve memories and mementos

An online memorial gives you a unique opportunity to digitize old printed photos, letters, certificates and more, and to save them in a single place online. So, all the photos and mementos that various family members and friends of your loved one currently have saved on their phones, computers, and in notebooks, files and boxes, can be brought together to a single, safe, secure location that's accessible forever.

That means your precious memories are protected from the damage that naturally occurs over time, like mildew, fading and other degradation, and can actually ruin these unique momentos.

Future-proof your celebration of life

As you can see, these kinds of specialised services effectively future-proof your fondest memories of your loved one. Those memories will stay untarnished forever, and even allow future generations to get to know the amazing person your loved one was.

But perhaps most importantly, an online memorial gives you a secure, dedicated, purpose-built space to reflect on, celebrate, and relive the laughter you shared in the life of your loved one, and to visit whenever you like. With advantages like that, it's no wonder online memorials are becoming so popular these days.