Future messages for your children

Using Memories
Future Messages For Your Children

Memories offers a way to record personal messages today to pass onto loved ones at a time you choose. With Future Messages, you can record and schedule messages to send to loved ones weeks, months or years into the future. So you can be there for special occasions and important milestones in your loved one's life — even when you can't! No one wants to miss out on life’s most important moments. From birthdays to weddings or anniversaries, record a personalized message to those you love that will arrive at just the right time.

As a parent, one the greatest joys in our life is our time with our children. The relationship between a parent and child is arguably the strongest bond in the universe. Staying connected to our children can be tough if we are either constantly traveling for work, or are, say, dealing with a chronic illness. That's why Future Messages is a terrific concept that bends the limitations of time and space. You can send words of wisdom, encouragement, and humor to your children no matter where you are.

Why send Future Messages?

Future Messages may not allow you to predict the future, but they will allow you to connect with your children — and even grandchildren — long after you've passed away. However, Memories' Future Messages are not just for those who are critically ill, or in their golden years. They're for anyone who wants to share their thoughts, ideas and expressions to their children. Future Messages give the recipient of the messages the opportunity to reconnect with you no matter how much time has passed.

Also, sending future messages is simply fun. It's an interesting concept that has been around for decades, but hadn't been perfected until today's advanced technology arrived. For example, there are apps and programs that allow you to send text messages, email, or even publish a blog article way into the future. That's the idea behind Future Messages, except the Future Messages you send through Memories can be integrated with a Memories Timeline, creating a multimedia experience for your loved ones.

The benefits of sending Future Messages

There are numerous benefits to sending messages to future generations.

  • They allow you to stay in touch with your children if you're on a long business trip.

  • Terminally ill parents can send their final wishes, thoughts, and words of comfort to their children.

  • Parents who are suffering from degenerative diseases, such as dementia, can send Future Messages to their children before their conditions worsen.

  • You can connect with your children if you're away from home.

  • If you're separated from your spouse and they have custody of the children, you can send messages to your children so that you are present in their life, and to let them know that you are still a family and will always be there for them.

  • Future Messages can be integrated with an online or traditional last will and testament. This can help clarify what's already written in a will, because the instructions are coming directly from the video's creator.

  • You can be there for family events, not just in spirit but also digitally, through a Future Messages video.

  • It will add a richer experience to your Memories Living Timeline.

Get creative with Future Messages

Future Messages are not only user-friendly, they are fun to use. You can try all sorts of creative experiments with Future Messages.

For example, you can create a video diary that you can set up to be sent every day in the future. You can do a "story time" style of message by relating a story from your life, or if you're imaginative, a fictional bedtime story for your children! You can also create slideshows while narrating captions vocally.

The options are endless with Future Messages.

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