21 Religious Funeral Poems to Remember a Loved One

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21 Religious Funeral Poems

If you have recently lost a loved one, choosing the right poem to commemorate their life at the funeral can be extremely difficult. There are so many beautiful religious poems that express the love and loss we feel, it can be overwhelming.

We hope to make your search easier with this list of 21 religious funeral poems which we have carefully collated to help you find the perfect words to express at your loved one’s funeral or memorial service. Each poem is moving and heartfelt, expressing the hope that many of us have for reunion in heaven. Whatever your background, there is sure to be a poem here that speaks to your connection with your loved one. 

Religious funeral poems bridge loss through the idea of eternal life

In many religions the concept of eternal life is well established. Be it in the form of Buddhist reincarnation, or a Christian eternal life, it can be comforting to think that a loved one has merely left this Earth to continue their journey elsewhere in spirit. If you’d like to consider using a religious funeral poem to express the passing of someone dear to you, consider the following 21 religious poems we have gathered for you. 

May these words bring you some comfort in your time of grief.

7 Generic religious funeral poems


1: Another Leaf Has Fallen

By Author Unknown

This poem describes the feeling of comfort when someone has passed.

“Another leaf has fallen, another soul has gone.

But still we have God’s promises,

in every robin’s song...”


2: God's Garden

By D. W. McConway

God can see your grief-stricken face, which has been through many mental and bodily afflictions, according to this poetm. However, you no longer have the inner power to tolerate the suffering. As a result, he's looking for an empty spot in his lovely garden where he can rest.

“God looked around his garden 

And found an empty place, 

He then looked down upon the earth 

And saw your tired face...”


3: God Saw You Getting Tired

By Frances and Kathleen Coelho

“God Saw You Getting Tired” is a poem about a tender farewell to loss. Its lovely lines can soothe the suffering of those who are still alive.

“God saw you getting tired,

And a cure was not to be;

So he put his arms around you,...”


4: Life is But A Stopping Place

By Author Unknown

This poem beautifully describes that our resting place isn’t the end for us.

“Life is but a stopping place,

A pause in what’s to be,

A resting place along the road,

to sweet eternity…”


5: Prayer of Faith

By Author Unknown

This poem is about believing and having faith through a tough situation.

“We trust that beyond absence there is a presence.

That beyond the pain there can be healing.

That beyond the brokenness there can be wholeness…”


6: We Remember Them

By Sylvan Kamens & Rabbi Jack Riemer

 We Remember Them” is about remembering the ones we lost so they can give us strength and  have an appreciation for the life we live.

“At the rising sun and at its going down we remember them.

At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter we remember them.

At the opening of the buds and in the rebirth of spring we remember them.

At the blueness of the skies and in the warmth of summer we remember them...”


7: The Blessing of St. Francis of Assisi to Brother Leo

By St Francis of Assisi

 This poem beautifully talks about the values the Lord can give you.

“The Lord bless you

and keep you.

May He show His face

to you and have mercy...”


7 Christian religious funeral poems


8:  Isaiah 43:2

By Isaiah 43:2

 This poem represents the trials and struggles we go through, but ultimately we’ll be strong enough to withstand them.

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;

and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.

When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.”


9: 1 Thessalonians 4:13

By 2 Corinthians 1:8

The poem has beautifully described that it is not necessary to grieve because God will bring Jesus to those who have fallen asleep in him.

“Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death,

so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope.”


10: Let Not Your Hearts be Troubled

By John 14: 1-3

This poem describes how you shouldn’t be troubled when a loved one is taken away from you since God has prepared a place for them. 

“Do not let your hearts be troubled.

You believe in God; believe also in me.

My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so,

would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?”


11: Goodbye

By N. Taylor

This poem is a heartfelt goodbye to someone who touched our hearts and never will be forgotten.

“The church is full of people who have come to say goodbye

But no one wants to see you go and we’re all left asking why

In our pain and tears we share a heartache that cannot heal

But in our minds we will keep Memories no one can steal...”


12: Footprints In The Sand

By Mary Stevenson

 This poem describes the footprints you leave in the world when you're living and how these footprints are a reflection of your life. Sometimes during the hard times, you only leave one set of footprints but the Lord helps during these times. 

“One night I dreamed I was walking

Along the beach with the Lord,

Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.

In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.

Sometimes there were two sets of footprints.

Other times there was only one...”


13: Life is but a Weaving

By Corrie ten Boom

This poem vividly describes how God has been at work in someone's life and how God continues to work. 

My life is but a weaving

Between my God and me.

I cannot choose the colors

He weaveth steadily...”


14: God Didn’t Promise

By Author Unknown

This poem beautifully describes how God always has faith in us.  

“God never promised a life without pain,

Laughter without tears or sun without rain.

But He did promise strength for the day…”


7 Soothing religious funeral poems


15: May The Road Rise Up To Meet You

By Author Unknown

This poem describes the soothing journey you will take with God and the obstacles you’ll overcome.

“May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face...”


16: If You Could See Me Now

By Patsy Stambaugh Deskins

This Christian poetry portrays Heaven in all of its splendor. The poem's speaker is a deceased person who describes the sights of Heaven. 

“If you could see me now you wouldn’t shed a tear.

Though you may not understand why I’m no longer there.

Remember my spirit that is the real me because I’m still very

Much alive, I’ve just been set free, Oh, if you could only see!”


17: The Broken Chain Poem

By Ron Tranmer

The poem signifies the end of life. The symbolism in the poem refers to the notion that the souls of family members are spiritually bonded on this planet. The soul ascends to Heaven once the connection is severed, and the chain will link again as God summons us one by one. 

“We little knew that day that God was going to call your name,

In life we loved you dearly, in death, we do the same.

It broke our hearts to lose you, you did not go alone...”


18: To all Parents

By Edgar Guest

This touching poem describes that God is entrusting one of his children to his parents and outlining the affection that the boy requires.

“I’ll lend you for a little while a child of mine God said

For you to love the while he lives and mourn for when he’s dead

It may be six or seven years or forty two or three...”


19: The White Chariot

By Julie Johnson

The poem describes someone's heartfelt journey home with the Lord by their side. 

“During your journey on your final flight home.

White wings will carry you and you will be flown.

To the pearly gates of Heaven, where they will usher you in...”


20: A Peek Into Heaven

By Callie Sanders Thornton

This poem beautifully describes the mental and emotional pain of wanting to see a loved one who has passed on.  

Poem Snippet

“Just one little peek into heaven,

Is all I’m asking for today.

I just want to know how she’s doing,

And heaven seems so far away...”


21: I Have a Place in Heaven

By Author Unknown

This poem is emotionally being told through the words of a deceased individual who has passed away from this life forever. They sent messages to convey that they are safe with God by their side.

“I have a place in heaven

Please don’t sing sad songs for me,

Forget your grief and fears,

For I am in a perfect place

Away from pain and tears.”


Religious funeral poems provide a way to soothe and unite families through loss

Through their mourning of a loved one, a family often finds a way to reconnect with one another. 

Online memorials are also a practical way to link distant family members to others currently grieving the loss. With an online memorial you can upload photos, videos and life stories of your loved one. This can be shared with others, who contribute their own photos and memories.

The end result is a beautiful visual timeline of their life that everyone contributes to. This timeline keeps their memories alive and can be passed onto future generations to come. With one click you can also convert the memories added to their timeline into a slideshow that can be presented at their memorial service or celebration of life event.

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