What would you write in a message to your future-self?

Future Messages
What would you write in a message to your future-self?

In this, the era of social media, the things that are personal — and which we want to keep personal — seem to have fallen out of fashion. 

But the reality is that those moments that matter so much to us, and no one else, are often far more meaningful than the kinds of events we celebrate on social media. In fact, look at most people’s social media feeds and what you see are “throwaway” posts that simply add to chatter. 

A moment that’s important to you is important regardless of anyone else. And Memories has a unique way to help you honour that moment — and yourself.

Let’s dig a little deeper into what it is.

Personal goals, set … and met!

Let’s imagine that today is the day you’ve set yourself a personal goal. Perhaps you want to improve your fitness, learn a musical instrument, or become what you’d call “a reader”. So, you have a personal goal, and maybe you’ve already made a clear plan to help yourself achieve it. Great!

The question is: how will you stay on track in the days and weeks — or even months — ahead?

With Future Messages, that’s how. Future Messages are a great feature of Memories: they let you create and schedule messages to be delivered to anyone you like, at a point in the future that you can choose. It could be days, months or even years from now.

Now, you can of course send Future Messages to other people, to celebrate their important days.

But what about you?

Future Messages are the perfect way to coach yourself as you work toward your goal. If you’ve broken the goal into small chunks, you could create a future message to mark each of those milestones. Record a video to remind yourself of where you began, and why you set the goal. Then, boost your own spirits with some words of encouragement.

Since each Future Message can include photos and text as well as videos, you might attach a funny meme, photo of the goal (that house you’re saving for, for example), or even a meaningful, inspiring quote that ties your efforts to that longed-for outcome.

Once you’ve prepared your message, schedule it to arrive at the moment you feel you’ll appreciate it most. Look over your calendar and make sure you have a Future Message set for each of the tough moments you can anticipate — and the days on which you deserve to celebrate, too!

With Future Messages, you become your own personal cheer squad and coach. After all, who knows better when you’ll need motivation — or to celebrate milestone accomplishments — than you?

Private anniversaries remembered

Future Messages are also an excellent way to mark dates that are important in your life, but which you might not want to share with others. 

You might schedule a Future Message for yourself with a few favourite photos to help honour the anniversary of a loved one’s passing. Or, you could create a graduation-day message to celebrate your achievement of a qualification that, right now, it feels like you’ll never finish.

That’s the great thing about Future Messages that you send to yourself: they’re just for you. 

Want to celebrate paying off your mortgage every single year for the rest of your life? Well, why not? Okay, your friends might think it’s a little much, but this isn’t about them. It’s about you. So go ahead: create and schedule those Future Messages! You did it, and you deserve to celebrate!

Whatever the moment — from the proud to the profound — if it matters, it’s worth marking with a Future Message. Create your first one now.