Humor that Lasts Forever

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Humor that Lasts Forever

Clever Gravestone Epitaphs Show That Humor Lasts Forever

Although death is a tragedy, it shouldn’t always be seen as something somber, especially as time goes on. One of the universal qualities of being human is humor. It’s a trait that shows us our liveliness, and that is something that extends even after death. Here are some witty and humorous gravestone epitaphs that we’ve found online.

Sickness, just like death, is a part of life. Although it’s a sad fact, some people come to accept it with humor and grace.

A touching epitaph dedicated to one’s children is something that can be cherished by loved ones and the public alike, especially when it’s done in a humorous way.

Incorporating the gravestone itself in the epitaph is a clever way of showing one’s humor.

The wittiest types of humor are the ones that come from a unique perspective, which in this case is literal.

Humor illuminates even the darkness of death. This epitaph gives provides us a clever perspective on the term “eternal rest”.

The best way to accept a loved one’s passing, or your own mortality, is by taking a Zen-like approach.

Humor is a coping mechanism for the living and can be a memorable final statement after death. Epitaphs like this one remind us that we just have to go with the flow of what life gives us.