Top 10 Free Tools for Funeral Directors

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Top 10 Free Tools for Funeral Directors

Top 10 Free Tools for Funeral Directors

The success of funeral directors greatly depends on one factor: staying connected with their customers and families who need their service. Funeral directors are like doctors who are on call, but that doesn’t mean you need to put your work-life balance in jeopardy. There are tools that would help you engage better with your customers, without sacrificing your personal life.

Here are 10 free tools to help you improve your customer service and work-life balance as a funeral director.

1. ASD Price Patching Programs

ASD’s price patching program connects you with potential customers who are calling to inquire about your services. Call specialists will receive the call and connect it to you so you can provide urgent assistance that the customer needs.

This is ideal for funeral directors who don’t want to lose a potential customer who can’t be called back because they’re calling from the hospital phone or borrowed mobile phone. This also captures callers who wish to talk directly to the funeral director to ask about funeral costs before giving their personal data.

2. ASD Caller ID Solution

If you use a cellphone to call customers, that can potentially create a problem for you. That means customers may call you even if you’re not at work, so it increases the chance of missing calls. To eliminate this problem, you need a caller ID solution that will allow you to call from any mobile number while displaying your office number as the outgoing number. This will allow customers to recognize your office phone number and to call you back using this number.

3. ASD First Call Connect

This technology allows you to do two things: connect to a call while it’s still in progress or listen to a call before joining it. This allows you to serve clients and respond to urgent concerns without delay.

4. ASD Call Patching

With this feature, you can listen to phone recordings that you can use to evaluate your staff’s customer service skills on the phone. The recordings may also be used to train your staff how to respond to inquiries or frequently asked questions.

5. Wunderlist

A productive day starts with an organized to-do list. Wunderlist will help you list down your tasks for the day, set duet dates and reminders, and assign tasks to others in your team. You can also share your list with your colleagues.

6. TaskRabbit

If your to-do list is overflowing with tasks that you can’t finish in a day, then the next best solution is to delegate. The good news is websites like TaskRabbit helps take minor tasks (that may take a lot of your time!) off your hands so you can focus on your priorities. TaskRabbit helps you find the right professional for your needs. For administrative or office tasks, you can outsource to freelancers on sites like Upwork.

7. Grammarly

As a funeral director, you may be tasked to write not just obituaries, but also emails to your customers and content for your marketing materials. To maintain your professional image, always proofread your written work. Grammarly helps you improve your content by suggesting better sentence structures and checking grammar, spelling and punctuation.

8. Zoom

Sometimes, you might need to communicate with clients outside of your state or country or with team members who are working in the field. Face-to-face communication is still better than plain text or call as you can read the emotions of the person you’re talking to. They don’t need to add you on social media to start chatting with you face-to-face. The easiest way to start a face-to-face meeting or conversation online is to through a Zoom video call. Zoom is often used for online meetings and group messaging.

9. MailChimp

One of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers is through email campaigns. Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform where you can design and create your emails and newsletters, build email lists, manage subscribers, and send out emails. Mailchimp has a Forever Free Plan.

10. Easy Tribute Creator

Customers who are looking for a personalized service may ask you to create tributes for their deceased loved ones. The Easy Tribute Creator by funeralOne will help you create tribute videos without film production knowledge or skills. The best part is you don’t need to look for licensed music or beautiful background images. These are included in the plan. You can request for a free trial.

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