10 Must-take holiday photos for your next vacation

Must-take holiday photos for your next vacation

Travelling. Going on a trip. Taking holiday photos along the way. It’s one of the things we do to live life, isn’t it? And while the past year was surely a tough one for pretty much everybody, we are seeing the light at the end of that dark tunnel. And as we’re approaching it, some of us are mapping out our next travel plans or reviewing the plans put on hold. 

If you’re one of those people, good – you deserve a chance to go on a proper holiday. And given it might have been a while since you last took some holiday photos, here is a list of pictures that you definitely want included in the album for that trip. Pictures worth storing in digital photo albums that you can look back at any time.

1. Holiday photos with breathtaking views

Source: Instagram (@tiffpenguin)

No holiday photo album would be complete without pictures displaying the views you got to see. You know, those impressive, jaw-dropping views at the end of a long journey or strenuous hike, which make all the trouble worth it. Ideally, when you go on a trip expecting such a view, think about who might be there to take your photos. Yes, there’s always the selfie — but it won’t capture as much of the scenery as possible while you’re posing. Hopefully, you can ask someone you’re traveling with or another person in the tour group. These settings are the perfect place to capture some extremely picturesque, wide-angle shots.

2. Flowers and fields

Source: Instagram (@polabur)

3. Holiday photos during ‘golden hours’

Source: Instagram (@laurenepbath)

For the art of taking holiday photos, there are few settings quite as powerful and advantageous as settings in the ‘golden hour’ – that is, around an hour before sunset or the hour after sunrise. There are many ways you can describe the natural sunlight during those periods: calm, soothing, pleasant, romantic, even magical. So it’d be a shame if you were unable to be outdoors during the golden hours while on vacation.

4. Holiday photos of silhouettes

Source: Instagram (@theblondeabroad)

If you and your travel companions are watching the sunset during your trip, there’s also the opportunity to take snapshots of yourselves as silhouettes, or silhouettes of your surroundings. The effect can be really dramatic and artistic, complementing other photos you might be taking of the sun actually setting. 

5. Water with reflection

Source: Instagram (@lauralawsonvisconti)

Will you be stopping by lakes or other calm bodies of water in the daytime? Then you also want to think about photos that incorporate a reflection on the water, especially if it’s surrounded by trees or buildings. If you spot a nice symmetry with your own eyes, chances are it’ll also show nicely in the photo, too.

6. Holiday photos that show encounters with wildlife

Source: Instagram (@doyoutravel)

This one is a given, but if you want to prove how you got to immerse yourself in some of the culture and natural environment of the place, then a close encounter with an animal is perfect for that. There is no rule to follow here except that you want the animal to be the star of the picture, and you’re more of a prop’ Also, please be careful, follow safety guidelines and have a local assisting you during these encounters.

7. Your lovely accommodation

Source: Instagram (@taramilktea)

Even the place you lodged in deserves to feature among your holiday photos. Maybe you were lucky enough to take a bath next to a window with an impressive view of the city you’re visiting. Maybe the hallway of the hotel was quaint and reminiscent of old castle chambers. If your rooms are striking to you, then they’re indeed worthy of snapshots. 

8. Creative holiday photos with your partner 

Source: Instagram (@turksandcaicos_official)

How often do you pose with your special someone the usual way, facing the camera and grinning from ear to ear? And how often do you both try doing something more original and showing a moment of sweetness? You don’t have to save the creative ideas for wedding shoots. Make time for creative holiday photos starring you and your partner. Use your surroundings – you’ll get to have fun doing it.

9. Holiday photos with contrasting colours in the scene

Source: Instagram (@kirstenalana)

These are ones for the ‘B-roll’ or bonus material in your photo albums. You’re not the star of these pictures, and you don’t actually have to be in them. The key is displaying a nice contrast between colours, and highlighting the season or climate of the destination. Think about those vacations during a truly white Christmas, or while cruising along a deep blue sea. In those settings, interesting objects will pop out beautifully. 

10. Holiday photos with unique and interesting ceilings

Source: Instagram (@urbanpixxels)

We’ll wrap up this list of holiday photos by telling you to look up. While setting foot in those must-visit buildings, monuments, landmarks and other tourist attractions, don’t just limit your pictures to the typical angles with an overview of the place from the front. Consider looking up to the ceiling, because you never know what interesting patterns, shapes or interplay between the sky and the structure you’ll notice. Get snapshots from a worm’s eye view. These will be another great addition to the B-roll of your albums.

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