25 Touching funeral songs for Grandpa

Funeral Planning

It's never easy when a loved one dies. The pain can be unbearable, especially if it’s your grandpa. If you're helping with his funeral arrangements, you may need to select funeral songs, and that can be a difficult task. Music can be a powerful force, after all, and it can sometimes help us to express our feelings in ways that words cannot.

We’ve put together a list of 25 of the best funeral songs for granddad to make it easier for you to find the perfect song to honor his memory.

1. Hero — Mariah Carey

Grandchildren often choose this song for their granddad’s funeral as they can relate to the lyrics. Your grandfather may have been the one you looked up to, or your hero as you grew up. This song is a good option for grandpa’s funeral and is a great way to commemorate his legacy.

2. In My Life — The Beatles

Who doesn’t know The Beatles? One of the best funeral songs from The Beatles is the classic song about love, In My Life. This track conveys the message that although some memories can be hurtful or bring pain, you should always appreciate them, no matter what. It’s the perfect addition to your granddad’s funeral.

3. Live Like You Were Dying — Tim McGraw

A song that demonstrates the importance of savoring life while you still can, this track tells a story from the viewpoint of a man who has learned to appreciate life. If your grandfather was someone who lived life to the fullest, this song is a great way to pay tribute to him.

4. Peace in the Valley — Johnny Cash

Peace in the Valley was originally written for Mahalia Jackson, who was a gospel great. Due to its popularity, this tune is now a widespread choice for funerals worldwide. Johnny Cash’s version celebrates the peace that comes with death after living a long and rewarding life. This classic funeral song will not leave any funeral guest with a dry eye.

5. Love Without End, Amen — George Strait

Love Without End, Amen is a lovely song for a grandpa who has stepped in and taken on a fatherly role. This is a great song to play at a funeral for a man who’s both a father and grandfather.

6. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough — Marvin Gaye

A favorite classic that can be played for grandpa's funeral. As a grandchild, you can take comfort in knowing that nothing will ever be able to remove you from your grandfather's love for you, nor your love for him. This song commemorates that feeling.

7. Life Without You — Stevie Ray Vaughan

Even though this song was written about the death of a friend, it’s an appropriate track for the funeral of a family member, especially a grandpa. The lyrics celebrate someone’s freedom from pain while also mourning their loss.

8. What a Wonderful World — Louis Armstrong

A classic funeral song played at many memorials and ceremonies around the world, this popular track demonstrates that funeral songs don’t always have to be sad and upsetting.

The lyrics of this song focus on the beauty in the world around us and portray a simple yet emotional message. It also shows that an uplifting and cheerful song can be a great addition to your grandpa’s memorial service.

9. Somewhere Over the Rainbow — Judy Garland

This track has been around for decades and is still a favorite to play at a funeral. Recorded in 1938, this song is very fitting for the departure of a grandpa and although it is an oldie, it will be recognized by all attendees. It's nice song to play particularly at the end of the funeral.

10. You’ll Never Walk Alone — Gerry & The Pacemakers

This beautiful track communicates the message that whenever you’re facing a tough time, hold your head up high and don’t forget that those we’ve lost are still with us.

11. You Raise Me Up — Josh Groban

If your granddad had a strong relationship with God, this song is a good one to play at his funeral. It’s a tune that conveys a message of strength and power, and reminds us that when you need someone to lift you in times of sadness, you can trust God to raise you to peace and happiness.

12. My Way — Frank Sinatra

One of the most popular funeral songs worldwide, My Way is an emotional track about taking pride in a life that is coming to an end, as well as finding joy in your accomplishments and overcoming hardships. For the granddad who you looked up to and who led an amazing life, this song is perfect.

13. Smile — Nat King Cole

This bittersweet classic tune reminds you to look on the bright side of life. The message is simple and is a great way to say your last goodbyes to your loved one.

14. I Wish Grandpas Never Died — Riley Green

This song was written to help the artist mourn the loss of his granddad. Riley wrote this track to remember all the great times he shared with his grandpa and express how he wishes there was more time to spend with his loved one.

15. I Will Remember You — Sarah McLachlan

This track is a favorite because it shows the significant influence your granddad had on your life and helps you remember all the times you spent with him. This song is perfect for a grandfather who would have liked people to remember the good times they shared with him.

16. Footprints in the Sand — Leona Lewis

This is such a powerful and meaningful tune about those who have lost someone in their lives who was inspirational, and motivated the people they left behind. This pop song by Leona Lewis is sung from the point of view of someone who has recently died and addresses those who they left behind with a reminder that their loved one has not abandoned them.

17. Fix You — Coldplay

Fix You is a song inspired by the tragic loss of the singer's wife's father.:

“And the tears come streaming down your face

When you lose something you can't replace

When you love someone, but it goes to waste

Could it be worse?”

These lyrics reflect on the challenge of recovering from grief after losing someone close. This song is perfect for the funeral of a grandpa with whom you had a close relationship.

18. Heaven Was Needing a Hero — Jo Dee Messina

One of your first heroes may well have been your grandfather. This charming song informs the audience that they aren't alone in their search for a hero. It’s perfect for a granddad who was also a fatherly figure in your life.

19. Drops of Jupiter — Train

This is a peaceful tune that is perfect for releasing memories and sentimental feelings that you had for your grandfather. Part of this song makes you think of heaven, which is alluded to by the phrase "wide open sky." It’s a wonderful song to finish a funeral and honor granddad's life.

20. Angel Standing By — Jewel

This track sounds like it was sent straight from heaven, thanks to the soothing harp. Jewel's gentle, soothing voice gives reassuring lyrics, reminding you that angels are there to protect you from terrible dreams and worries.

21. Angels Among Us — Alabama

It's reassuring to know that your loved ones are watching over you even after they've passed away. This song is one of our top picks as it’s perfect for a granddad with whom you had a very special bond.

22. Because You Loved Me — Celine Dion

A popular pop song about a gorgeous tribute to someone who supported you no matter what makes it the perfect funeral song to say goodbye to your grandfather. It's the perfect track to play at the end of your granddad’s funeral to commemorate his life.

23. Only Time — Enya

Although this tune has nothing to do with death or dying, it is about not knowing what the future contains for each and every person on this planet. So, the best thing you can do is live life to the fullest so that you don't regret the things you didn't try.

24. Amazing Grace — Johnny Cash

Amazing Grace is unquestionably one of the most well-known funeral songs ever written. It has a raw, passionate feel that makes it a heartfelt homage to someone unique.

25. Seeing is Believing — Elvis Presley

A gospel classic by the king of music is one of our top picks for a funeral or memorial service, especially for a grandfather. It’s a track that reminds us that no matter where we are or where we go, our loved ones are still there with us.