Top 25 funeral songs for Grandma

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A grandma in blue is flanked by her daughter on the left, in purple, and her granddaughter on the right, who kisses her cheek.

Losing a grandmother is devastating, but by choosing the right music for the funeral, you can help put those feelings into words. It’s not always easy to find the perfect words or tune to celebrate the life your Grandma lived, yet a great song can really help articulate your feelings and create a strong connection to memories you have of her.

We have compiled a list of the top 25 funeral songs to help you say goodbye to your grandmother.

1. Grandma’s Hands — Bill Withers

Grandma's Hands is a song by Bill Withers that portrays narrates the story of a man who has recently lost his grandmother. He sings about who his grandmother was, how much she meant to him and how he hopes to see her again one day.

2. Goodbye — Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne's Goodbye is a soothing and thought provoking track with wholesome lyrics reminding you that the person you’re missing the most loved you dearly.

3. All Love Can Be — Charlotte Church

All Love Can Be is a classical tune performed by Welsh musician Charlotte Church and it's an excellent choice for a grandmother's funeral. Charlotte’s angelic voice takes you on a journey that explores  the lengths and depths love will travel to protect someone who is very much loved.

4. Nothing Compares to You — Sinéad O’Connor

This is a tune about losing something you didn’t plan to lose, and will really make you shed a tear. Even though the song was written and recorded by Prince, Sinéad, an Irish singer-songwriter powerfully made it her own as she sang with true fragility, reflecting on her mother’s death when she was only 18 year’s old.  

5. How Long Will I Love You — Elie Goulding

“How long will I love you, as long as stars are above you”, Elie Golding sings. This is a good choice for your grandma’s funeral as it shows that love is forever and you’ll never stop loving her even after she’s died.

6. Old Money — Lana Del Rey

If your grandma grew up in the Golden Era of music, this modern Indie song is a great choice for her funeral. 


What we love about this song is the sentimental lyrics, which make this song even more relevant to those who were the caretaker of their grandma before she passed away.

7. Time to Say Goodbye — Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman

You may not be familiar with this track but it’s one of the most played songs at funerals for grandparents, especially those with an Italian heritage. If your Grandma loved classical tunes, this beautiful song is very appropriate for her funeral. Most of this track is sung in Italian but the meaning behind it is very sentimental to those who have to say goodbye to a loved one.

8. Don't Forget To Remember Me — Carrie Underwood

This is a country-style coming-of-age song about a girl moving away from home for the first time. We often rely on our mothers to remind us of all the important things in life and for those whose grandmother was their guardian, this song is a very beautiful one to farewell her with.

9. The Prayer — Josh Groban and Charlotte Church

Released over two decades ago, the message behind this track is to put your trust in God so he can assist and protect you through your life journey. If your grandma was a religious woman, this tune is an ideal pick for her memorial or funeral. 

10. How Can I Help You Say Goodbye — Patty Loveless

A mix between classical and country music, this song promises hope when going through a tragedy in life. It’s a lovely song which is best played at the end of a funeral for your Grandma. If she was a caring woman who would do anything she could to help you through a tough time, this song may be the perfect pick for her funeral.

11. I’ll See You Again — Westlife

I’ll See You Again is a song released by pop band Westlife and has been used worldwide as a funeral tune ​​due to its breathtaking ambiance as well as its reassuring lyrics. Definitely a song to add to your list of tracks to play at your Grandma’s funeral.

12. I Will Always Love You — Whitney Houston

An iconic song which has been played at funerals worldwide for many years. Although this song starts of slowly it is an ideal choice of song for a Grandma who was an energetic and vibrant woman. Honor your Grandma with this beautiful song as you say your final goodbyes.

13. My Angel — Kellie Picker

If your grandma loved country music, My Angel is the perfect song for her farewell. Sung by country singer Kellie Picker, this track illustrates how the artists grandmother was like a mother to her. A simple song that pays tribute to a great woman who Kellie describes as a devoted caregiver and a friend.

14. Ave Maria — Franz Schubert 

Composed in 1825, Ave Maria is one of the most popular pieces in the world. Well known by listeners, this song is appropriate for many a Grandma’s funeral due to its calming and relaxing tune.

15. To Where You Are — Josh Groban

Josh Groban has released some great music including this song, To Where You Are. This very popular song was written about the death of Groban's own Grandma. It was released in 2001 and has been used at funerals worldwide since.

16. Heaven's Garden — Kieran Brennan

Heaven's Garden, a single from Kieran Brennan's 2015 album Country Streams, combines the sounds of Irish folk music with traditional country. If your Grandma loved country music or was of Irish ancestry, this song might be your best pick for the funeral. 

17. Wind Beneath My Wings — Bette Midler 

A very popular funeral song to play at your Grandmother’s funeral, this song was written about the way a loved one propelled the artist to great heights and helped her grow into the artist she is today.

18. My Love — Sia

My Love is a song about remembering the time you spent with someone after they have died and the final memories of their legacy. This track is a great one for Grandma and remembering the amazing times you had together.

19. My Heart Will Go On — Celine Dion

The famous track from the movie Titanic, My Heart Will Go On is a great song to play when remembering the woman your Grandma was.  The song conveys the message of love being forever lasting  no matter what. For those who were very close to their Grandmother, this song is for you.

20. Supermarket Flowers — Ed Sheeran

Supermarket Flowers is about Ed’s grandmother who passed away. This beautiful song illustrates the love Ed had for his grandmother and how she was an angel who is now in heaven. 

21. The Dance — Garth Brooks

This Garth Brooks song released in 1990 is sure to hit a soft spot, as it talks about having one last dance or moment with the one you loved before she died. The Dance celebrates life and the way people have pursued their dreams, making it ideal for the last farewell of your Nana.

22. Love, Me — Collin Raye

Told from the perspective of a grandson and grandfather, Love, Me is a beautiful song by Collin Raye about how grandparents promise to love each other. A truly beautiful funeral song in our eyes.

23. Nan’s Song — Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams wrote Nan’s Song in response to the death of his grandma. This emotional song is all about the singer’s grandmother, who he believes is in heaven and looking down on him.

24. Goodbye's The Saddest Word — Celine Dion

The lyrics of this song are very easy to relate to. Celine sings about how her mother is going to leave her soon, however she is certain that the love her mother gave will live on forever.

25. Holes In the Floor of Heaven — Steve Wariner

The heartfelt lyrics in Steve Wariner’s song tells a charming story that your grandma can look down on you after she dies because there are holes in the floor of Heaven. This sweet song also talks about losing a wife and a mother, making it a great pick for many women's funerals.