Top 10 ‘In Memory Of’ gifts that pay tribute to their life

What is Grief

Memorial gifts are not only thoughtful, they can become treasured possessions for the people you give them to. Likewise, you can purchase "In Memory Of" keepsakes for yourself, so that you'll always have a reminder of your departed loved one, such as a parent or close friend.

These items are not just objects or products, but something meaningful that will have lasting sentimental value to you and those you present them to. Not only will memorial keepsakes honor your loved one's memory, they radiate the presence of the person you've lost.

Of course, here at Memories we think the best "In Memory Of" gift is a Memories online memorial. It's private, secure, and you can invite family and friends to share photos, videos and memories on it over time. But in this article, we've curated an extra 10 "In Memory Of" gifts that you can give to loved ones, friends, and close co-workers and associates.

1. Memorial guardian angel statue

This gorgeous angel statue is the perfect memorial for a loved one who had a green thumb. It features an angel leaning on a rock tablet with an engraved quote that reads, "You are remembered with love and will live in our hearts forever."

2. Small cremation urn memorial keychain

If your loved one was cremated, you can take a piece of their essence with you wherever you go with this small urn keychain. It carries a pinch of their ashes, and comes with a medallion that reads, "A piece of my heart is in heaven."

3. Angel wing and quote double pendant

This simple yet stylish pendant features an engraved quote that says, "Those We Love Don't Go Away, They Walk Beside Us Every Day", and an angel wing, reminding you that your departed loved one is your guardian angel now.

4. Wood picture frame with heart angel art

This pretty and artsy wooden memorial picture frame is the perfect way to remind yourself of a special someone. It is said that when someone you love is in heaven, a little bit of heaven is in your home and the most appropriate way to honor that small piece of heaven is to frame it in a memorial picture frame.

5. Memorial wind chimes

These wind chimes feature a hanging pendant that says, “I thought of you with love today”. This windchime sun catcher is a wonderful way to honor the memory of a loved one. The sounds are very calming.

6. Angel wings and memoriam personalized car vinyl decal

If you do a lot of driving, show your love and honor for someone you've lost on your car window. These decals are minimalist but striking, especially against tinted windows, and show the world your love the person who's died.

7. Memory frame and box

This small memory frame and box are perfect for hosting your loved one's old jewelry and other small trinkets. These sleek boxes also contain a picture holder on the front, so you can display a photo of your loved one. The lid displays the quote, "Forever in my heart."

8. Resin and blue glass-accented plaque

This gorgeous plaque is made from quality polyresin shaped to look like a sculpted stone. It is lightweight and has sculpted details that glow in the dark. The sentiment, "God has you in His keeping, We have you in our Hearts" is accented with a blue mosaic glass inlay.

9. Celebration of life memorial LED lantern

"Celebrate The Life" is printed on the front of this wonderful lantern, to pay tribute to your loved one. A pair of cardinals in the message represent hope and encouragement for those mourning the loss of a loved one.

10. In loving memory artistic quote book

This beautiful quote book, designed by Seattle artist Lianne Onart, is sure to be a cherished gift — for yourself or someone else — that brings care and compassion for today, and hope and healing for tomorrow.