Online Memorials: Creating Lasting Legacies in the Digital World

Online Memorial

Funeral directors understand the profound emotional impact of losing a loved one on families and friends. The grieving process commonly leaves people feeling isolated and powerless. One of the most powerful ways to offer comfort and support to those in mourning is by facilitating the sharing of cherished memories. However, in the digital age, achieving the same catharsis is challenging when friends and family are often located across the globe.

Physical gatherings like wakes and burial services are often smaller today, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Modern day funeral directors understand the value of online memorials as a powerful tool to help clients achieve closure. 

What is an Online Memorial?

An online memorial, like what you see on Memories is a secure digital space where users can store pictures, videos, and stories that encapsulate the person they’ve lost and keep their memories alive. This virtual memorial allows you to remember your loved one and create a lasting legacy that isn’t affected by time. 

You can also use a memorial page to send funeral event invites and information to anyone attending physical gatherings like a memorial service or wake.

What Features Are Included in an Online Memorial?

Here are some aspects of online memorials that help cement a lasting legacy for our departed loved ones.


Sharing photos is one of the best ways to ensure someone’s legacy lives on, especially in the digital age. When we look back at the pictures of our parents, their parents, and even their parents, we can see reflections of ourselves. An online memorial lets anyone upload photos of their time with the dearly departed. 


When you can’t gather in person to tell tales about the life of someone special who has passed, a memorial website is the next best thing. You can invite loved ones to share their special memories from time spent with the departed loved one using online memorials which and then be passed onto future generations.


For those of us who lost someone before smartphones were commonplace, finding videos of them is challenging. Some of us only have one or two videos of our departed loved ones, but their friends and family might have more clips. Using a platform where you can invite anyone to share any footage they have is an excellent way to find hidden clips you might have never seen before and put them into a slideshow

What are the Benefits of an Online Memorial?

Besides the comprehensive features above, there are many benefits of including an online memorial as one component of a funeral service.

Easy to communicate

It is easier for funeral directors to communicate updates effectively about the service with platforms like Memories. Equally, the creator of the online memorial can post updates which then notifies others they have invited to the funeral. Using a platform for communicating between clients and their relatives streamlines the admin process, relieving pressure and stress from the mourners and funeral directors.


The online memorial created on Memories is accessible from any location. Creating a central platform encourages people to share their memories and experiences of their time with the deceased. The account owner can send links to invite others to collaborate by posting videos, photos, and stories, while also controlling different access levels with Memories privacy control features. 


A significant benefit of the online memorial is that it can last forever. Having a central storage for the photos, videos and memories creates a legacy that lasts well beyond the funeral service itself and can be passed onto future generations. Using a digital space like the cloud to store memories means there’s no risk of losing them to issues like fire, mould, or water damage. 


Memories provides a secure, limitless storage solution for your digital documents and stories. The account owner can control who can see and add to the memorial, and they can edit these settings whenever needed. Memories also uses SSL encryption, making it a very secure platform for sharing details like the time and location of a physical funeral service or wake.


Memories offers a free trial for users interested in creating an online memorial. The one-off forever fee is affordable and grants the owner permanent access to the memorial. The platform also understands the importance of creating an ad-free environment for anyone mourning, so there are never advertisements on Memories.


Clients can use the Memories platform to store a recording or even live stream the funeral service. This is incredibly comforting and helpful for families located around the world. Not everyone can afford to travel to a funeral or wake; some people might also be too unwell to make the journey. Using the streaming and recording features on Memories means no one has to miss out on the service.

There are many reasons to suggest platforms like Memories to clients who want to memorialise someone they’ve lost. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Memories and arrange a demonstration of how Memories can help you deliver a compassionate funeral experience for your clients.

Lasting Legacies in the Digital World