10 Best Ideas for Pet Memorials

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10 Best Ideas for Pet Memorials

Best Ideas for Pet Memorials

Pets are not simply for our companionship and pleasure, or to show off at the dog park; they are a part of our family. As much as we love and care for them, they, too, love and care for us. They not only give us joy and companionship, but protect us and our homes. They give us comfort when we come home. They are the familiar faces and furs that remind us that our homes are filled with love.

When our pets die, it can be as heartbreaking as the death of a human family member or close friend. They deserve a dignified burial, even a funeral if you prefer, and they deserve to be honored after they have been buried or cremated. Like people, you can host a memorial service or just a memorial gesture, like creating a digital scrapbook or memory book.

If you're not sure how to honor your pet's memory, no problem. We'll help you out with these 10 best ideas for pet memorials.

Pet Memorials

1. Memories Page

Capture, immortalize, and share those precious memories with your beloved pet with a Memories page. This is the ideal way to memorialize your pet cat or pet dog. A Memories page allows you to share fond memories with close friends and loved ones. You can easily add personal photos and videos, or get friends and family to contribute messages and stories. Include memories from the time they were a puppy or kitten to all of the wonderful memories your family had with your pet over the years. The easy-to-use website will guide you through the process. It's free to create a page, upload memories and invite others to take part.

2. Personalized Urn

It is common nowadays to have pets cremated when they pass away. This is because an urn will allow you to always have your pet with you wherever you move. Burying your dog or cat in the backyard is suitable if you never plan to move or sell your property. Otherwise, it's better to cremate your pet and memorialize their essence in a personalized urn.

This beautiful ceramic pet memory jar will fit pets up to 45lbs. The white urn features gold accent details that will fit perfectly with your home décor. The front includes the special phrase “forever in our hearts", including a little gold paw print above. It’s small enough to fit on any shelf, tabletop, or desk area. This urn includes a tight sealed wooden lid, ensuring the top will close tightly and not open. Once your pet goes onto the rainbow bridge, place your pets’ ashes inside a bag and then place inside the urn. The lid opens and closes easily ensuring the ashes won’t spill.

3. Engraved Pet Memorial Garden Stone

If your pet loved to dig or run around in the backyard, this simple but classy engraved pet memorial garden stone would make the perfect tribute. The memorial garden stone will fit seemlessly with any of your other garden decor. However, unlike your other garden artifacts, this pet memorial stone has deep and personal meaning for you. Whenever you visit your garden and admire the stone, you will feel your pet's loving energy.

4. Pet Sentiment Picture Frame

This simple yet elegant picture frame will make an awesome pet memorial gift for your friend who had just lost a beloved dog or pet cat. This classic wooden frame displays the pet's collar along with a favorite photo of them. The solid wood shadowbox frame holds various sized collars, and includes a hanger for easy wall mounting and easel to display on a tabletop.

5. Personalized Pet Memorial Garden Stake

If you choose to bury your pet rather than cremate them, this pet memorial garden stake is a must-have. It's a simple yet touching way to honor your beloved dog or pet cat. You can reflect on it when you're in the garden to ease the pain after your pet has died. This personalized pet memorial celebrates the life of your best-friend and commemorates your extra-special friendship with them.

It can be used to mark your pet’s favorite tree, bench, or playing area, as well as their burial site. It features an easy-to-use design for staking into the ground. It's constructed from heavy-duty wrought iron material and features a 4.25-inch ceramic tile where your personalization is printed (two lines of text, between 16 characters and 40 characters).

Pet Memorial Garden Stake

6. Video Tribute

If you have access to a TV screen or computer monitor with a large monitor, you could create a video tribute for your beloved pet. Projectors are even more popular because the frame is larger and its size can be adjusted according to the space you’re working with. There are many affordable projection devices online that easily connect to your laptop or smartphone.

In today’s visual-centric culture, a video tribute like a film at the cinema would captivate your guests. It will allow your guests to see the beautiful life and personality of your loved one. If you have access to any video files owned by your loved one, collect the ones that you think best represents them and edit the footage into a montage. If you’re not familiar with video editing techniques, you can ask a relative, friend or acquaintance to assist you. You can also hire a professional freelancer to edit the movie for you.

You can use websites like YouTube or Vimeo to host your video. Better yet, you can upload and share your video on a dedicated Memories page.

7. Visit Your Pet's Favorite Place

If weather permits and the logistics wouldn’t be too difficult for your guests, you can visit your pet dog or pet cat's favorite places when they were still alive. In fact, you can even host a memorial service at the location. However, it’s important to note that some public spaces could be noisy or have a lot of traffic (both motor or pedestrian kinds). Additionally, some locales might require you to get a permit from the city or permission from a property owner. Conduct research ahead of time to take care of any requirements.

8. Cylinder Memorial Urn Necklace

Just because your pet has passed on to the next life, it doesn't mean they've left you spiritually. They will always be with you. Now, you can turn that sentiment into actuality. This mini urn pendant has double-use. It comes with a chain necklace and a keyring, so you can use it as a pendant necklace or as a keychain. It's designed to securely hold a small amount of cremains (ashes).

9. Dog Memorial Stone

Keep your favorite furry family member's memory alive and dedicate their favorite digging spot to them with this memorial stone. It features a realistic sculpture of a sleeping dog and a quote that says, "You have left our lives but will never leave our hearts" inscribed in indented lettering on the stone, reminding you to always cherish their memory.

This is also a good option if you decide to bury your dog in your garden or other areas of your property. Likewise, it will make a thoughtful and lovely dog memorial gift for a friend or loved one who has recently lost a pet.

10. Pet Keepsake Picture Frame and Pawprint Kit for Dogs or Cats

This unique gift is a great way to honor the memory of your beloved dog or cat. Capture and cherish your furry pet’s paw print forever with this paw prints keepsake desk frame. The keepsake kit includes everything needed to make the perfect paw print: package of soft, air-drying clay material; ruler; double-sided tape; acid-free beveled mat with gray background; and easy-to-follow DIY instructions. This unique frame will look great in your living room, bedroom, or office space.