5 Ways to use Future Messages

Creating Your Legacy
5 Ways to use future messages

Memories offers a way to record personal messages today to pass onto loved ones at a time you choose.

Through Future Messages, you can record and schedule messages to send to loved ones weeks, months or years into the future. Now you can be there for all the special occasions and important milestones in your loved one's life, whether you're physically present or not.

No one wants to miss out on life’s most important moments. From birthdays to weddings and anniversaries, you can record a personalized message to those you love that will be sent at just the right time. Also, you can send a Future Message to yourself, whether for fun or as a digital letter from your past self.

Here are five intriguing ways you can use Memories' Future Messages feature.

1. Write a message to future generations

The great thing about Future Messages is that you can record your message today, and have it sent at a specified date in the future. Although we don't like to think about it, the reality is that life is short. Our time with our loved ones on Earth is limited, and the sand in the hourglass drops with each second that passes. We can't predict the future, but with today's ground-breaking technology, we can send messages to future dates that will arise after we've passed away.

Those who are bravely battling terminal illnesses such as cancer, or life-altering diseases like dementia, can use Future Messages to send messages to their loved ones. A critically-ill individual can provide comfort to their loved ones through their virtual presence after they've passed away. Although Future Messages cannot pause the mechanisms of life and death, they can immortalize your love, your words, your wisdom and your presence.

2. Create messages for your children

You don't have to be critically ill to use Future Messages: you can record messages to your children right now and schedule them to arrive when they're older.

For example, you could do a video blog of being a young parent when your children are still babies. You can then schedule your message to arrive on a date when they'll be teenagers, or even young adults. This will remind your kids, in a humorous way, of the trials and tribulations you went through raising them. They will surely shed a happy tear or two seeing just how much love and care you gave them when they were infants.

These types of Future Messages are a great way to bond with your children now, tomorrow, in the future and forever.

3. Craft a message to yourself

Young, healthy people without kids can have a lot fun with Memories' Future Messages, too. In fact, many people like to use Future Messages to send messages to themselves. Receiving a message from your past self is quite exciting and you'll never tire of the surprise you feel when you get it. There's just something very sci-fi about it, as if a time traveler is communicating with you!

In a sense, sending a message to your future self is a form of blogging or journaling, because you're recording how your life and mindset is at a particular time in your evolution as a person. The person you were a decade ago may feel like a complete stranger to you now. Future Messages allow you to reflect on who that person was, and it's interesting to hear what they had to say.

Get creative and do all sorts of experiments with your Future Messages. For example, try to predict the future. When you finally do receive the message in the future, you can either laugh at how wrong your predictions were, or be shocked that your predictions were more accurate than those of Nostradamus!

4. Make a message as a reminder to your future self

You can take Future Messages to yourself a step further by using them as reminders. Think of them as a long-term version of notifications on your calendar app. However, unlike reminders on your calendar, your message can be longer and much more meaningful.

For instance, if your goal is to become a published novelist in 5 years, you could record a motivational talk to yourself. Tell yourself to never give up, and to stay focused on your big goal. In life, it's very easy to fall back into our comfort zone, to lose steam after the initial hype. That's why a majority of New Year's resolutions fail before the end of the following Spring.

When you receive that message from your past self, back when you were a hungry young writer, you'll either feel glad you kept working at your goal, or reminded and inspired to get back on track working towards it.

5. Create a surprise celebration message

Another great way to use Future Messages is to record celebration messages for future holidays, milestones, and occasions. For example, imagine it's August, and you know you'll be moving abroad by the start of December. That means you'll most likely miss out on celebrating the festive seasons with family and close friends back home. You can record a holiday greeting to your loved ones and set it to arrive during those celebratory months. That way, your presence will be felt even if you're in the opposite hemisphere.

Likewise, you can record a message for a loved one's wedding if you won't be able to attend. You might be asking yourself, Why not just record one on the day of the wedding or close to the date? The intention is great, but how often do we end up forgetting about events because of unforeseen circumstances in our busy lives? By recording your message now, when it's still fresh in your mind, you decrease your chances of missing the date altogether.

You can also record a greeting with your child in the video and then send it to them when you think they'll be graduating high school. Imagine the emotions they'll feel seeing themselves as a toddler sitting on your lap, while you as a young dad or mom congratulate them on their major milestone more than a decade later. That would be a mind-blowing moment!

As you can see, there are numerous ways to use Memories' Future Messages. Get creative, have fun and remember that the concept of time is irrelevant when it comes to sharing a moment with your loved ones.