Why send Future Messages to yourself?

Using Memories
Future Messages to Yourself

Memories offers a way to record personal messages today to pass onto loved ones at a time you choose. However, you can also use Future Messages to send messages to yourself, whether for fun or as a cool way of reminding yourself of personal goals, events and milestones.

Future Messages let you record and schedule messages to send to loved ones — or yourself! — weeks, months and even years into the future. That means you can be there for special occasions and important milestones in your loved ones' lives, even if you're not physically present. No one wants to miss out on life’s most important moments, and now you can record a message for those you love that will arrive at just the right time.

But, what about you? You can send Future Messages to yourself, too, and there's a science-fiction feel to receiving a message from the past — especially if it's from your past self. Future Messages really bend the limitations of time and space. You can send words of wisdom, encouragement and even reminders to yourself. Take a look:

Why send Future Messages?

Future Messages may not allow you to predict the future, but they will allow you to send messages to yourself later on in the future.

Sending future messages to yourself may seem like just a novelty, and while you can send future messages to yourself for fun, it can be a great tool for self-therapy. In many psychiatry programs, psychologists would encourage patients to take up journaling. Having a conversation with yourself is a good way to gain valuable insights into your psyche, personality, habits and suppressed emotions. It can also help you develop self-awareness, which is especially helpful if you're overcoming an addiction, fears, anxiety, self-doubt or what you believe are character flaws within yourself.

Beyond that, sending future messages is simply fun. It's an interesting concept that has been around for decades but hasn't been perfected until today's advanced technology. For example, there are apps and programs that allow you to send text messages, email or even publish a blog article way into the future. You can also use Future Messages to be integrated with a Memories Living Timeline, creating a multimedia journaling experience.

Here are a few of the different ways you can use Future Messages in your life.

Future Message

Reflect on your former self

Receiving a message from your past self is quite exciting and you'll never tire of the surprise you feel when you get it. In a sense, sending a message to your future self is a form of blogging or journaling, because you're recording how your life and mindset is during a particular time in your evolution as a person. The person I was a decade ago is a complete stranger to me. Perhaps it's the same for you. In any case, Future Messages allow you to reflect on the person you once were, and it's interesting to hear what you had to say.

Be humorous

Get creative and do all sorts of experiments with your Future Messages. For example, try to predict the future. When you finally do receive the message in the future, you can either laugh at how wrong you were with your predictions, or be shocked that your predictions were more accurate than Nostradamus's.

Send meaningful reminders

You can take Future Messages to yourself a step further by using them as reminders. Think of them as a long-term version of notifications on your calendar app. However, unlike reminders on calendar or project management apps, your Future Message can be longer and much more meaningful.

For instance, if your goal is to become a published novelist in 5 years, you can record a motivational talk to yourself. Tell yourself to never give up, stop being lazy, stop procrastinating, and to focus on your big goal. In life, it's very easy to fall back into our comfort zone, to lose steam after the initial hype. That's why a majority of New Year's resolutions fail before even the end of Spring.

When you receive that message from your past self, back when you were a hungry young writer, you'll probably feel bad (in a motivating way) for losing sight of your goal. It will remind and inspire you to get back on track, and to finally accomplish your long-term goal.

The benefits of sending Future Messages

In closing, there are numerous benefits to sending messages to yourself.

  • Sending Future Messages can be therapeutic. Professional psychiatrists can integrate Memories Timeline and Future Messages into their patient care program.

  • Messaging yourself is an innovative form of vlogging (video blogging).

  • You can message yourself in the future as reminders of personal goals or major milestones you set to achieve.

  • Future Message to yourself can help you gain insights about yourself by hearing your thoughts from your past self.

  • You can improve self-awareness by seeing a visual and audio feedback from yourself, akin to talking in the mirror.

The options are endless with Future Messages. We've talked here about writing Future Messages to yourself, but you can read about other ways to use Future Messages in 5 Ways to Use Future Messages.