A Creative Digital Solution For Celebrations of Life

Celebration of Life
A Creative Digital Solution For Celebrations of Life

A Creative Digital Solution For Celebrations of Life

Think about all of the most vivid memories you've had thus far in your life. What are the common themes? Most likely than not, the most memorable events are celebrations of life. What are celebrations of life? Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, baby showers, the now-popular gender reveal parties, graduations, and of course memorials for our dearly departed loved ones. Life is short, we know that. So, it is important to celebrate every second of it with those we love.

In this day and age, celebrations of life are captured in real-time via smartphones and other devices. They are then uploaded, published, and shared online for the world to see. These images, videos, TikTok creations, livestreams, and good old-fashioned written blog posts inspire others, even strangers in another part of the world, to celebrate their own life. Positivity is the most influential thing in the world. We see others celebrating the joys of their life and we begin to reflect on our own treasured memories and loved ones.

That's why it's important to not only record, but to archive and share your wonderful memories digitally. So, what's the best platform for publishing your celebrations of life and other memories?

Memories Page

You can create a Memories page that will not only securely host your special celebrations and other memories, it will allow you to share visuals and family history timelines with others. You can even use it to collaborate with close friends and loved ones, so that everyone gets a chance to tell their own story.

You can publish, archive and share your memorable photos and videos online in a secured platform, such as a Memories page. Think of a Memories page as a digital scrapbook, but has more benefits like being able to share them with family and friends across the globe. Another advantage it has over a traditional physical scrapbook is that a Memories page has multimedia features.

A Memories page is the perfect option to host digitized photos. Other features include data protection, customizable privacy settings, and a user-friendly design editor. The Memories page can become an interactive family tree, which is a better option than other ancestry platforms because a Memories page is more user-friendly and has a better navigation panel for editors. A Memories page will is a reminder of the importance of creating memories with family, and that it is important to not only record your family history but to preserve it for the future generation.

Celebrations of life

Social Media and Blogs

You can post on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, sure, but we all know that there are many disadvantages to posting on social media. While you can use social media sites like Facebook or Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), you should keep in mind that there are many cons with doing so, such as threats of hacking, data privacy compromise, and creepy strangers who might be able to see the photos and names of precious children in your content. In a secured and private space like a Memories page, you have full control over who you can invite to take part in the page and have access to it.

Using a dedicated, private web platform gives the account administrator greater control over content versus Facebook pages or Instagram. Additionally, with a Memories page, moderating comments is not stressful. Since a dedicated private webpage is more secure than social media, troll comments and risks of hacking are less likely to occur.

Celebrations of Life in a Time of Social Distancing

Another benefit of having a website to store and share celebrations of life is the fact that you can collaborate with family members and close friends from all over the world. In a time when a pandemic is forcing us to change our lifestyles and ways of socializing, digital platforms like a Memories page allows everyone to safely participate in the celebration of memories. Don't let unexpected forces and circumstances stop you from celebrating life with loved ones. Instead, use the internet and digital applications to share memories with each other.