Try a new family tradition this festive season

Christmas family tradition

“Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”

We’ve all heard the saying, and we may vaguely acknowledge its message, that tomorrow is never guaranteed.

But how many of us act on that warning?

Memories’ new festive film illustrates perfectly how important it is to capture today’s memories while we still can.

Which new Memories will be made this festive season?

Whatever your plans for the weeks ahead, you’re likely to enjoy a few memorable moments as you bump into friends new or old, spend time with family, or simply soak up the atmosphere of the festive season.

That makes this the perfect time to start recording those moments.

We all know how quickly the tides of life erase our freshest memories — along with all their delicate detail. Instead of letting those precious moments slip away, make this festive season the time to capture them.

Of course, take photos and videos is a good option, or start a Memories Living Timeline to tell the full story, as it happens.

Why not invite the others who were there to share the moment to add their own memories of it, and comment on yours? That makes the memories richer — and the whole experience more fun. The more the merrier, after all!

Remember when...?

Festive season events can refresh our memories of past years as if they were yesterday. As those memories surface, it’s important to catch them, too.

Your grandmother’s secret Christmas cake recipe. The special plates your aunt always used at Thanksgiving. The music your brother liked to play in the hours after the feast, when everyone was at their most relaxed.

These memories deserve to be preserved and added to by the others who shared those experiences with you.

You might just find that discussing those memories brings them back more fully, in all their richness and color, reigniting the spark of emotions you haven't felt in years.

Share the love

The festive season puts a strong focus on family — both blood relatives and the family we’ve chosen for ourselves!

Sharing your memories at this time is a great way to reconnect and nurture relationships that may get pushed to the backburner at other times of year. Even if you can’t get together physically this festive season, you can feel the closeness all the same.

It’s exciting to spend time sharing the memories that mean the most to you, and heart-warming to see how loved ones near and far are touched by your recollections.

Similarly, if you invite them to share their memories, you’ll likely be surprised by more than a few occasions that had slipped your mind entirely, but which, for them, are simply unforgettable.

If you wound up on a voice or video call with family members laughing about those old memories at some point in the coming weeks, we wouldn’t be at all surprised.

A new tradition

Make this festive season the time to start capturing memories new and old, and you might just create a whole new tradition for yourself.

Recording family gatherings and important occasions is one approach, but it’s not the only one. Don't neglect to capture those in-between moments that may not seem so noteworthy. Why? Because they really reveal a lot about ourselves, as well as those we’re with.

What your sister shares with you over a quiet coffee on the morning after the family celebration might mean more to you than anything that happened the previous day. Your emotions — and the way you react — will reflect in perfect clarity who you are, and what she means to you in this moment.

So, capture memories big, small, and in-between this festive season, then look back on them at the same time next year. What will have changed? And what might remain the same?

One thing’s for sure: you can expect the unexpected.

You’ll be glad you captured those memories of moments which can never be repeated. They'll bring to mind the deeper meaning in that old saying, “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”