Future Messages: the key to a life legacy that lasts

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Future Messages

How good are you at remembering important dates — for yourself or others in your family? If you’re the kind to forget, you’re not alone. 

Even with the best intentions to help family members and friends mark a special occasion, we can easily forget. Before we know it, the special day has passed without us calling to wish our loved one well. 

They didn’t even know we were thinking of them.

Future Messages are the perfect solution. They’re a unique way to cement family connections, and help build an active — rather than passive — life legacy.

What is a Future Message?

A Future Message is like a letter that you write today, for delivery months or years from now.

Let’s say you just got home from your cousin’s wedding, and as you scroll through your photos of the event, you find a great snap of her with her betrothed.

With Future Messages you can take that photo, write or record a video message reminding them of how fabulous their wedding day was, and schedule it to arrive 12 months from now, on their first wedding anniversary. Or their tenth, if you prefer!

Your Future Message can include images, videos, text and PDFs, too. You can record your video message right in the Future Messages tool in Memories, so you won’t need any special skills or software. Then, your message is stored safely on Memories forever, and you set the time and date when it will be sent. 

As long as you have the recipient’s phone number or email address, you can schedule a Future Message to help them mark a special day weeks, months or years from now. 

The best part? You don’t have to remember the occasion on the day. Neither do they, for that matter.

There’s a chance your Future Message will arrive as a complete surprise to them. If, for example, you’re marking the date you set off on a holiday together, or celebrated your graduations, they may not even remember the occasion without your Future Message.

As you can see, Future Messages can be a welcome reminder of good times that bring you and your loved ones closer together.

What special moments can they mark?

When we think of marking special occasions, we automatically turn to anniversaries of weddings, births, and, of course, a loved ones’ passing.

But the beauty of Future Messages is that you can send them to mark absolutely any moment that matters to you and the recipient.

Maybe you’ll mark the occasion of something special you shared, like a visit to the Grand Prix, or the annual harvest of a special fruit or flowers from their garden.

Maybe you’ll send a Future Message to remember the week you spent together last year repainting the apartment they’d just bought.

Or perhaps you’ll send them a reminder to bring the dessert to your next New Year’s party, since they forgot so spectacularly last year!

We’re always creating new moments that can be celebrated with a Future Message. If your niece will graduate soon, make a note of that date. Then, schedule a future message for her to receive next year — or in ten years’ time — to remind her of the importance of this great accomplishment. She’ll really appreciate it!

Create a lasting — and living — family legacy

When we think of a family legacy, we tend to think of static things, like photos or family heirlooms.

Future Messages break the mould, bringing an active element to your legacy.

Creating and scheduling Future Messages helps deepen close connections with family and friends now, as they receive your messages and know you’re always there to help them celebrate — and commiserate, if need be.

But of course, Future Messages can outlive you, too.

They can remain ready to be sent long after you’ve passed on, and in this way, your Future Messages can sustain an unbreakable link between the past, present and future for those you care for most.

Create a Future Message now, and see for yourself how much pleasure they bring your loved ones.

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