3 Ways to Start Recording Your Family History Online

By Memories Team

The Best Way to Start Recording Your Family History Online

Our family history is one of the most important aspects of our life and our identity. It is our roots; the tree in which we came from. Without our family's past, we literally wouldn't be here in the present moment. That's why it is important to archive and preserve our family history. However, the term "history" shouldn't merely mean what happened in the past. We are creating our ever-evolving family history at this very moment. You and every member of your family are all active participants in the creation of this unfolding history in real-time.

In this day and age of technological advances, one of the most common ways of capturing family history is through a camera lens, whether it's attached to an actual camera or on your smartphone. You can snap photos, make videos, record live stream, and even make fun GIFs, or virtual reality renderings. With so many free apps on the market, one can easily record new events in dynamic and creative ways. That way, future generations can look back on their family history by viewing the memories you record today.

Besides posting on social media, which has its downsides, there are other options to record, archive and share your family history with others.

Record your family history online

1. Memories Page

You can publish, archive and share your memorable photos and videos online in a secured platform, such as a Memories page. While you can use social media sites like Facebook or Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), you should keep in mind that there are many cons with doing so, such as threats of hacking, data privacy compromise, and creepy strangers who might be able to see the photos and names of precious children in your content. In a secured and private space like a Memories page, you have full control over who you can invite to take part in the page and have access to it.

Think of a Memories page as a digital scrapbook, but has more benefits like being able to share them with family and friends across the globe. Another advantage it has over a traditional physical scrapbook is that a Memories page has multimedia features.

A Memories page is the perfect option to host digitized photos. Other features include data protection, customizable privacy settings, and a user-friendly design editor. The Memories page can become an interactive family tree, which is a better option than other ancestry platforms because a Memories page is more user-friendly and has a better navigation panel for editors. A Memories page will is a reminder of the importance of creating memories with family, and that it is important to not only record your family history but to preserve it for the future generation.

2. Make an Online Memory Book

An online memory book is essentially just the digitized version of a traditional, physical scrapbook. Instead of using messy adhesives or flimsy photo album paper, you use an online memory book the way you would use a blogging platform, or even a social media account. You can easily upload, edit, and publish digital media like photos and videos. Another major difference between an online memory book and a traditional memory book is that the former is easier to share since it's on the internet. Your grandma's scrapbook or your parents' old family album most likely just gather dust on the shelf, but an online memory is accessible to anyone with a computer or smartphone.

Having said that, you still have ultimate control over privacy settings. With an online memory book, like a Memories page, it's up to you on who is allowed to view your precious memories. This not only eliminate random online trolls and creepy strangers, but will also protect your data from hackers and malware. As you can see there are numerous benefits to an online memories page. Read on and we'll show you how to get started on making one.


3. Create a Family Movie

The habit of most people today is to create short videos. Back in the day, when we used camcorders, these fragments would automatically be part of the tape reel. Meaning, you didn't have to upload these video clips, which could be hundreds, and edit them on a software. Because a camcorder used tape, scenes would simply cut to the next one. That was why "home movies" or "family movies" were so popular back in the day.

Nowadays, you have to do a bit of work, but it's actually more fun. That's because you can now use video editing software to make or add cool graphics that would have been a pain to do back in the day. You can easily add music and text layers, thus creating a fun family movie that you could all watch for many years to come.

You can then upload those videos on your favorite hosting platform like YouTube or Vimeo. Likewise, you can share these timeless videos on your Memories page, so that your friends and loved ones can reminisce with you no matter where they are. This will add a multimedia layer to your Memories page.