End of the Year Reflections for Your 2020 Memories Timeline


End of the Year Reflections for Your 2020 Memories Timeline

It's been a tough and eventful year. It was a year that saw a global pandemic that has reshaped our way of life. Likewise, there have been social and political chaos, and economic downturns. However, not everything has been bad news in 2020. From social awareness and record-breaking political participation to new ways of adapting to a crisis and helping each other, there have been silver linings amidst the turmoil. On a personal level, you probably spent more time with loved ones and created new memories when you bonded during quarantine. Besides the affairs of the outside world, there might have been some personal accomplishments and experiences of joy in your personal life.

It's important to document and archive these facets of life, because any kind of experience will help you grow as a person. That's the idea behind a Memories Timeline. It's a kind of journal, but more interactive and shareable, so that others might gain some wisdom and insights from your own experiences.

What Makes a Memories Timeline Unique

Similar to a memories box or photo album, a Memories Timeline can host visual media like pictures you've snapped throughout the year, or even videos that captured funny Zoom "meetings" with family across the country, or those TikTok dance videos you've created to stave off boredom during the lockdown. That's what makes a Memories Timeline special. It is user-friendly and easy to customize, as well as organize for better presentation. You can even incorporate other apps such as Future Messages videos.

The Importance of Reflection

Think of it as a form of journaling or blogging. Documenting and archiving a time of your life is not only a great way to see how you've grown over the years, but can give you valuable insights about yourself that you might not be aware of until you put pen to paper. It's like examining artifacts in a museum. History can teach you about the present--how you got from point A to point B--but shows the fine details of how the past can set the stage for the future.

Additionally, documenting your experiences in 2020, or anytime in general, could bequeath valuable wisdom to future generations in your family. They'll see how you overcame global problems and even personal issues, such as adapting to the limitations created by the pandemic, and how your spirit was undeterred by the chaos of the world. These might seem insignificant or trivial now, but they could inspire future generations and offer them life lessons. That way, if similar circumstances arise in their time, they'll have the knowledge you've passed on to them to help them navigate through troubled waters.

What to Include in a Memories Timeline

Since many things have happened in 2020--both on the outside world and in your inner-world--there are multiple things you can include in your Memories Timeline. Here are some examples:

As you can see, there are numerous ways you can use a Memories Timeline. The platform also makes it easier for you to organize all of these types of media and content. For instance, you can organize them by months, events, or any other form of categorization.


20/20 vision is the term for perfect eyesight in optometry. Unfortunately, our ability to predict the future and what the universe throws at us isn't so clear. However, after the dust settles, clarity will come back and you will be able to see the colorful life you lived in retrospect.