9 Best Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas


9 Best Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Rushing around during the holidays? We don’t blame you! It’s been a chaotic year for just about everyone, and planning out gifts hasn’t exactly made the top of everyone’s priorities list.

Regardless of if you’re regularly someone who plans ahead, or are more commonly known as the last-minute gift shopper, this list of gift ideas has something for everyone!

The goal is to put something together that they will think you spent all year planning. Last-minute or not, these are gifts that come from the heart!

Memories Timeline

A Memories Timeline is the perfect gift for 2 reasons:

1. It’s thoughtful, meaningful and personalized

2. It’s easy to purchase last minute

With Memories, you can create a timeline based on the story of your choice. You might choose to use the timeline to reminisce on the story of your loved one’s life, or the story of your relationship together. You can add information about all of the things that have shaped the story, including certain locations or special experiences.

Accompany each timeline event with photos, documents, and videos, and even include a scheduled message that will pop up for them in the future. Make your Memories Timeline a collaborative gift and get friends and family members to contribute their own parts of the story. That special person will love knowing that you have all come together to create something magical for them.

A Memories Timeline is also a great gift for the creative person in your life as you can sign them up for a subscription so they can create a timeline of their own. You won’t need to run to the store for this gift either, as it’s entirely accessible through the Memories app!


Someone who reads or someone who talks about wanting to read will love the Kindle Paperwhite. As a gift that’s easy to take wherever they go, it’s waterproof, lightweight and has plenty of storage for all of their favorite books.

A Kindle is also a great unexpected gift to someone who plans on travelling once they are able to. With so much time to spare during flights and train rides, they’ll love having something to keep them entertained!

Coffee Subscription

There’s nothing quite like a hot cup of joe on a cold day.

The coffee lover in your life will LOVE this Atlas Coffee Club Starter Pack!

As a three-month subscription it really is the gift that keeps on giving. Explore coffee flavors and cultures from all around the world, as coffee is delivered, roasted and fresh, right to your door!

The subscription also includes postcards from each country, along with brewing tips and flavor notes for each. The perfect way for coffee fiends to switch up their morning routine!

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is a fantastic last-minute gift because it is so unique and useful to whoever receives it!

Food deliveries are made to their door filled with lively and nourishing snacks and meals. Daily Harvest specifically works with foods that include vitamins and minerals for maximum health, and carefully chooses the ingredients they use.

Explore everything from smoothies and harvest bowls to soups and lattes!

A Family Card Game

Did someone say family game night?

This ‘Not Parent Approved” Fun Card Game is the perfect gift for those looking for ways to spend some quality time together. It’s funny and an appropriate option for people of all ages, which means that no one will be left out when it comes time to bond.

A major plus: It has been known to help with reading skills for those who are looking to improve. The perfect combination of learning and fun!

Barkbox Subscription

It seems that no matter who you are, you’re bound to have a dog lover in your life. A BarkBox subscription could be just what that person needs to spoil their favorite furry friends.

Dog parents will love getting a surprise box full of goodies for their small, medium or large pup. You can select from their options in order to help customize the boxes to their dog, and send it directly to their home!

Linoto Gift Certificate

We had to include a gift idea that many people need, but never really take the time to upgrade on their own! Linoto is a bedding brand that provides a notable amount of color options in all different shades.

Your last-minute gifting prayers have been answered with an easy to purchase gift card that they’re sure to make use of. They can find the perfect color combination for their bedroom, and reap all the cozy benefits of Linoto’s high-quality, handsewn sheets.

Headspace Subscription

A Headspace Subscription is a great option for someone who wants to practice meditation for everyday mindfulness, anxiety, sleep and more! Not only that, it’s super easy to purchase last-minute.

The app has hundreds of guided meditations for them to follow, which they can track as they go. It even allows users to sync their meditation minutes to their Apple Health app.

Disney Plus

What’s more magical than Disney? Bring a little magic into someone’s like with a Disney Plus one-year gift subscription. It’s an easy way to put together a bit of a fairy tale for that special someone.

Disney Plus makes it easy to give the subscription for a year. After which, users can choose to add their own payment details and continue their subscription. Simply make the purchase online and provide the email address for your recipient.

Gifts to Remember

We hope this list of 9 best last-minute gift ideas will help to inspire your purchases before Christmas is officially here! Whether it’s something they need, or something a bit more sentimental like a Memories Timeline, that special person in your life will appreciate the thought, effort and love that you put into getting their gift.

If you would like to try out a Memories Timeline for Christmas, simply download the Memories app. There are plenty of amazing features to explore!