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Whether you are remembering a loved one or celebrating an occasion - we’ve got you covered.

How to send a gift to a Memories Timeline

Click the gifts button

At the top of their Timeline

Browse the store

For a digital or physical gift

The gift is delivered

And featured on their Timeline too


The Gift Store offers a collection of flowers, candles and jewellery. We also have virtual gifts such as a virtual hug or flowers. These are a great way to let someone know you are thinking of them.

Gifts delivered to their Timeline

Both physical and virtual gifts will appear on their Memories Timeline for 14 days. A perfect way to share your love for them.

Purchasing a Digital Gift

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“Great alternative to Facebook”


A great alternative to Facebook I downloaded the app to gather photos from a recent trip to share with family and friends. The app is easy to use, interface is really clean and there are zero ads which is a nice change.

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Memories is the easy-to-use online platform to tell, share, and save your stories for future generations. Private. Secure. Ad-free.

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