Use Digital Photo Albums To Preserve Family Memories

Thanks to technology, so much now can be done online. Creating, saving, sharing and replicating files or documents are just taps and clicks away. It sure makes life a bit easier, doesn’t it?

And due to today’s advances in technology, especially with smartphones and their cameras, there has never been a better time to store photos online. But hold on – we’re not actually talking about selfies on Instagram or status updates on Facebook. We’re talking about making digital photo albums to keep precious memories. Online storage for pictures of cherished moments. Those very moments that you and your loved ones can look back at fondly.

Digitised Photos & Photo Album Apps

Most of us still have old family pictures and other photos stashed somewhere in a bunch of bulky, and perhaps even dusty, photo albums. But have you considered what can happen over time when these pictures start to fade? And let’s not forget about those old newspaper clippings of births and obituaries that your grandparents cut out to store as physical memories. They could be included in some of those older photo albums, or maybe they were compiled elsewhere in the form of an old scrapbook. Those can fade or get worn out just as easily, so you wouldn’t them just stowed away in a corner of the room. Preserve these items. Preserve the memories that they carry.

Virtually all tangible objects are subject to physical deterioration. But for anything digitised, it’s a totally different story. Once you digitise a photo, a clipping or a handwritten letter from a childhood friend, you no longer worry about it ever losing its sharp condition. You can forget about making extra room in your bookshelf for another large photo album with lots of pages. The digital world allows for your memorabilia to be accessible at a moment’s (or even a click’s) notice. Your loved ones and elders can enjoy viewing them on a computer, tablet or smartphone instead of having to rummage through a stash of albums and turn a bunch of pages. And for how long is this possible? Forever, really. 

With digital photo album platforms like Memories available as mobile apps, you can now have family albums at your fingertips. Instead of scanning each picture one by one carefully, you can take photos with a high resolution camera and upload them to the app provided there’s enough space allotted, or upload them to a cloud platform.

Viewing Photos & Albums is Therapeutic

Ever felt like your mind could use an escape once in a while? Well, apparently there is such a thing as a ‘mental vacation’. This activity involves looking at pleasant pictures, which research has shown can calm anxiety and reduce stress. And let’s be honest here – the whole world is going through an extended period of uncertainty right now. Working from home has become the norm. Many of us still don’t get out of the house much. The news every morning can also be a mood killer. No one can really predict the end of this global crisis. So taking all of that into account, it’s even more important these days to give yourself mental breaks. Your own pictures can most definitely help with that.

You don’t have to look far to find the right pictures that will make up your photo albums for therapeutic viewing. Consider all those photos with your family on the beach at sunset, or at the top of a hill with gorgeous countryside views, or in the middle of a forest on a safari trip. All of those pictures are in fact beneficial to look at every now and then. Those are the photos which trigger the highlights of the life you’ve been able to live so far. Snapshots of special occasions and unforgettable moments with friends and loved ones. And by using an app like Memories, you can freely create and share those kinds of ‘de-stressing’ digital albums that can be accessed quickly.

Then we also have slideshows. It can’t be denied that slideshows are still a popular and essential part of milestone celebrations like a couple’s Silver Anniversary or a relative’s 50th birthday. Again, we have technology to thank for how easy it is nowadays to produce wonderfully nostalgic slideshows, which you can spruce up with some nifty transitions, some sentimental music and even some clever or funny captions. There are several different apps and online tools available to choose from, but you won’t be able to use them without having digital photos to work with.

Security of a Photo Album App

Of course, if your album is online, then you'll want to give some thought to security. In the case of Memories, you’re guaranteed complete control over your privacy. For the Timeline in your own account, you decide the limits for accessing it. Whether you want to share certain photos publicly, to keep it all within a close-knit group or just for yourself, that can be done. All data related to your account info and details on your content is securely encrypted. We are talking about 24/7 security that’s involved here.

Memories also runs with WebPurify. The technology provided by this company allows for safe and reliable moderation and monitoring of any content that gets stored into digital platforms. WebPurify has established a set of turnkey criteria, and its trained moderators follow it closely to reject any material that contains or depicts nudity, violence, drug use, offensive language and gestures. Technology companies have a responsibility for promoting a safe space for people of all backgrounds and cultures, and our team at Memories takes that very seriously.

So, why not try digitising your content with Memories? We offer a secure, private and user-friendly application for people to share all the good times and remember unforgettable moments with loved ones and friends. Use Memories to start preserving your memories both for now and for future generations. You can register for a free Memories account here.