13 Ways to Keep Our Travel Memories Alive

By 3 August 2020

13 Ways to Keep Our Travel Memories Alive

Some of our most precious memories are vacations we take abroad, or road trips with family and friends. It's only natural for these types of memories to be very vivid and remain fresh in our mind, because how can you forget an adventure? Seeing new landscapes, meeting new people, hearing different languages, and learning about uniques cultures is the ultimate act of exploration of the world and of yourself. You grow during your travels as you create bonds with both your loved ones and with the locals.

So, you should immortalize these memories in physical and digital form. After all, memories of your travels are just as important as special events like weddings and graduation. Your travel memories deserve to be displayed and shared with others as well. Don't know where to begin? No worries! We got you covered. Read on to get some ideas on how to keep your travel memories alive.

Ways to keep your travel memories alive

1. Create a Memories timeline

Photographs are the best way to remember each and every moment of a holiday or trip. The trouble is we often take thousands of photographs of different people and places and when we get home and get busy with life, we forget the details of each picture. Enter Memories.

Memories is an ad-free, private and secure space to safeguard and share memories of the people, places, moments and milestones that matter the most. The platform is a vault, visual timeline and digital memory box to future-proof and preserve your family history so it can be enjoyed by your children’s children.

2. Keepsake Box

A keepsake box is the perfect thing to remember a trip or holiday. Better than a scrapbook or album because we can also put little souvenirs and keepsakes in the box to remind us of the different places we saw and the different encounters we had. Keepsake boxes can be big or small which means you can keep as many things as you want in the box to look back on later.

The keepsake box will give you hours of pleasure as you go through the items and pictures and reminisce on you travels. Keepsake boxes can also be passed on to friends and families as gifts. You can purchase keepsake boxes from Etsy or Amazon or have a go at making a personalized box yourself.

3. Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are a favorite way of remembering travels because they are tried and true. Scrapbooks have been around forever and have now moved into high tech with courses and classes you can attend to make the perfect book. Bring out your inner artist and creativity by creating personalized scrapbooks for your travels that you can bring out to show family and friends.

Try this YouTube tutorial for scrapbooking beginners or check out scrapbook.com for classes, supplies and more ideas.

4. Photo book

A photo book is like a photo album but better. With a photobook, you can personalize the layout, the theme, the color, and you can add captions and notes for your photographs. It is kind of like a scrapbook but with only photographs. The personalized nature of a photo book makes it a great gift and an excellent way to memorialize your trips and holidays.

Photobook American is a great place to start looking for some ideas.

5. Turn photographs into a…..mug, coaster, magnet, card, calendar

Printing your travel photographs onto a mug or a coaster is a great way to ensure you remember your holidays every time you have a cup of coffee. Or print them onto a fridge magnet that you see every time you go searching for snacks. You can print photographs onto t-shirts and hoodies to wear and some people even print travel photographs onto wood or canvas to create wall art for their houses.

Check out Shutterfly and Snapfish for some nifty ideas.

6. Send yourself postcards

One of the coolest ways to remember your holiday is to send yourself postcards from the different places you visit. Pop a date and a short message on the back and you have a readymade itinerary of memories personalized to you. Postcards can be framed individually or in groups. You can even make a collage of postcards on a wall.

Read here for some great ideas around holiday postcards.

7. Travel notebook / journal

If you’re a keen writer, then a travel notebook or journal could be just the thing to document your trip for a lifetime of memories. People who keep a travel journal remember more about their holidays, reflect more while on holiday, and generally learn and enjoy their holidays more.

Christine Elder has a great article discussing the benefits of keeping a travel journal. Also check out Trip Savvy for some great tips on how to keep an awesome journal that you will enjoy for years to come.

8. Videos

What could be better than photographs of a trip or holiday? Videos, of course. Videos naturally tell a story and they make it easier for you to not only remember but share your memories with your loved ones. The sound on video makes them better than photographs to give you an accurate and more comprehensive record of that super holiday.

Muvee is a good place to start for some tips on how to make great holiday videos.

9. Sketchnote

Sketchnoting is the new kid on the scene for memorializing holidays and trips. Sketchnoting is a form of note taking with the addition of relevant visuals to illustrate the notes and make them more memorable and inviting. The best thing about sketchnoting is that it is easily able to be personalized for your purpose. There are no rules so those who are happy to draw will have sketchnotes with more visuals than those who are more comfortable with words. Sketchnoting is also relaxing and creative which makes the process more enjoyable.

YouTube has several sketchnote tutorials to get you started. All you need is a notebook. Give it a try!

10. Organize a travel party

Why not celebrate being home from holiday by throwing a post-holiday party? When the post-holiday blues start kicking in, plan a party with friends and loved ones to show off your great photographs and videos. Set up a projector on the wall, some bubbles and nibbles and you’re halfway there. A travel party means remembering the trip all over again as you describe and explain you photographs and videos to your guests.

Pinterest has loads of ideas for post-holiday parties. Have a look.

11. Mark a map or a globe

Scratchmap is the place to start with this one. You can order a personalized world map and all you do is scratch open the countries you visit one by one until your map is completely uncovered. Scratch maps can motivate you to travel, be used as a bucket list of countries and places to visit and makes a great conversation piece.

Etsy have a variety of scratchmaps and globes that you can purchase and personalize for your own use. Also check out Brilliant Maps’ list of scratchmaps to help you decide.

12. Jewelry or charms

Charms and/or jewelry is such a nice way to remember a holiday. Many people have Pandora bracelets which lend themselves perfectly to this creative way to remember your holidays. Buy a charm from each place you visit that reminds you of something about that particular place. Every time you wear your bracelet you will remember and reminisce. Some places have traditional jewelry that is symbolic of that place and this is also a nice way to remember a trip and holiday.

Travel Fashion Girl has a great article about wearing your travel souvenirs. Read it and start collecting those charms.

13. Use an app

Why not make it easy on yourself and use an app to document and keep your travel memories alive? In this modern era, there is a multitude of apps to make it easy for you to document and then revisit your trip or holiday.

Keepgo has an extensive list of travel apps for both iOs and Android to start you off. Check out this article in Buzzfeed with tips and suggestions

At the end of the day, the holiday is what really matters. Try not to go overboard on the photos and videos to the point that you miss out on the details of your holiday. After all, the best way to maximize future memories is to simply be present, to pay attention to the details that interest you, to look at them closely and to enjoy every single minute.